Elections in Kyiv: support rating candidates for the position of mayor

Выборы в Киеве: рейтинг поддержки кандидатов на должность мэра столицы

From September 16 to September 23, 2019 was conducted the public opinion poll of Kiev

And judging by the fairly tseleustremlennyy actions of MPs from the majority in the Verkhovna Rada, the draft law on the capital will be attended promptly and without any edits, reports Censor.no.

According to the publication, the possibility of early elections is becoming more real. When elections to the Kyiv city Council still has a lot of nuances, the situation in struggle for an armchair of the mayor of the capital there was quite interesting. According to political party “public Servant” has a fairly slim chances of getting “their man” in office.

Details on the sociology already been published on our website, but the journalist of the Censor considered them in detail.

Выборы в Киеве: рейтинг поддержки кандидатов на должность мэра столицы

Vitali Klitschko ready to support 46,1% of Kyiv residents among those who intend to vote and have already decided on the choice. 24,2% of respondents plan to give their preferences to Andrew Palchevskogo; 12.9 percent would vote for Mykola Tomenko;Alexander Tkachenko was supported by 5.4% of the capital ; 4.3% — the support of Sergei gusovsky; 3,9% — support Borislav Birch and 2.3% — support of Andrey Kholodov.

Other candidates for mayor received less than 2%.

From these data it follows that the chances of pravasa party a little as the candidate who would be able to compete with Vitali Klitschko and Andrei Palchevsky they have. According to the Censor, those who cannot overcome the ten percent barrier, according to sociology — losing option.

For a journalist was a surprise second place Andrew palchevsky in the rankings.

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Выборы в Киеве: рейтинг поддержки кандидатов на должность мэра столицы

“The reason, most likely his high media activity — he appears on TV more often than the majority of the current MPs and politicians. In the works, plus a positive story in business — the Creator of the famous clinic, and for all related to medicine, our people are always treated with more credibility than politicians. Well, the request for new faces still works”, — says the publication.

In General, an interesting scenario emerges. “The servant of the people” yet can not count on that, in the second round meets the current mayor and, judging by the rating, Andrei Palchevsky.

We will remind, the expert revealed the details of the visit Zelensky in the United States: “need to investigate”.

As reported Politeka, Palchevskogo tightly paced premiere.

Also Politeka reported that Palchevskogo smashed the Verkhovna Rada.