Election of the President of Ukraine, the CEC has updated the data, the result is impressive

Выборы президента Украины: ЦИК обновила данные, результат впечатляет

The Central election Commission has processed 11,30% of protocols

The relevant data are published on a Board information system “Vybory” of the CEC.

According to estimates 11,30% protocols, leading presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky, for it gave voice 73,09% of Ukrainians. Current President Petro Poroshenko is on the second place, voted for by 24,58% of the population.

Note, the results of sociological exit polls published immediately after polls closed, also testify to the victory of Vladimir Zelensky. He voted for 73.2% of voters. The current head of state Petro Poroshenko received 25.3 percent of votes.

Выборы президента Украины: ЦИК обновила данные, результат впечатляет

Sociologists interviewed every twelfth Ukrainians at the exit from polling stations. The obtained results of the exit polls must provide reliable information about how to vote in the second round the voters to know about the count of votes the Central electoral Commission.

We also add that in the second round of the presidential elections there was confusion that threatened to spell disaster for voters.

April 21, Ukrainians have to vote for a new President. As it turned out, in some areas people did not have enough ballots. The Deputy Chairman of the CEC Evgeny Radchenko explained the situation.

Выборы президента Украины: ЦИК обновила данные, результат впечатляет

According to the representative of the CEC, such cases really happened. Documents might not be enough due to the increase of voters in the revised list, when voters changed the place of voting. The problem for the CEC was the strict procurement procedure of ballots across the state Prozorro. Members of the Commission had with great difficulty to reprint the required number of sheets. While in some areas there were shortages of ballot papers, while others have a surplus.

Recall final results of the exit polls: Zelensky lost rating.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky attacked at the polling station: there are photos, “surrounded”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has agreed to appoint Poroshenko on top post: “We will unite Ukraine”.