Election in Racine October 2

francois-boissonneault(Racine) Citizens of Racine will be invited to the polls on October 2 for the by-election to replace the resigning mayor François Boissonneault and the two former municipal councilors Claude Baillargeon and Robert Chabot.

The three men had all left their posts at the regular meeting on 2 May.

“Since we are more than twelve months from the date fixed for the next election of all municipalities in Quebec, we have to hold elections in the next four months,” said the director general and secretary-treasurer of Racine, Melisa Camiré, before announcing the election date at a public meeting Monday.

The opening of nominations for the positions of mayor and councilors will be held from 23 August to 2 September. Advance voting, open to the entire population, will take place on 25 September. This election will be costs estimated at $ 10,000.

Melisa Camiré added that if one of the current councilors wanted to run for mayor, he should resign before the elections to be launched either at the meeting of August 8. Thus, should he be elected commemaire, a councilor may be provided immediately, avoiding to start the election process.

However, if one of the elected left his post when applying for the mayor, his resignation would cause a loss of quorum, that is to say that there would be enough up advisers for the board News has the right to take any decision.

In this case, members of the Quebec Municipal Commission would be delegated to provisionally administer the municipality of Racine, and until the new members are chosen.

This procedure has raised concerns among citizens, but the CEO quickly reassured them, assuring them that the Commission’s decisions would be made based on the already established budget by elected officials.

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