El País Valencia advises politicians to follow the example of the pragmatic Medvedchuk

El País рекомендует политикам Валенсии брать пример с прагматичного Медведчука

Valencia needs to show political pragmatism on the example of Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk

This writes the leading Spanish newspaper “El Pais” in the article “second circle”, dedicated to the formation of the coalition in the Parliament of the Autonomous community of Valencia in the aftermath of the regional elections.

The article calls for local politicians to be pragmatic with reference to Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk and of cardinal Mazarin, Regent of France in the childhood of Louis XIV.

“Of course a necessary pragmatism. Viktor Medvedchuk, Ukrainian politician close to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin clearly expressed this a few days ago after Ukrainian elections that gave victory to Pro-Western Zelensky. He said, “You don’t need to kiss or cuddle — with Russia — you just need to establish a pragmatic relationship,” writes “El Pais”.