EIT 2019: scale of results, how many points you need to dial

ЗНО 2019: шкала результатов, сколько баллов нужно набрать

EIT 2019 will be held in may and June, until the end of June will become known the results of the testing. What is the definition of the results of TESTING, what threshold points and how many points to score for certification and admission to the University – read this article.

The results of ZNO are calculated in several stages. There is a test score, a threshold score and a rating on a scale of 100-200 points. What is the difference between them, we will understand.

Test for each subject includes questions where you choose all answers that one right, job matching, and questions that provide a separate answer, not a selection of options. The maximum number of test points you can score by completing all of the tasks on the subject, 53.

ЗНО 2019: шкала результатов, сколько баллов нужно набрать

EIT 2019: scale of results

For example, in tests on the Ukrainian language and literature is set where a correct answer can be obtained only 1 point (selection of answers), from 1 to 4 points (job matching) and for the detailed answer to the open question you can get up to 24 test points.

After calculating the test points, with the help of a computer program, they were transferred to a 100-point scale – this will be the result of TESTING.

But before declaring the individual results of ZNO 2019 will set the threshold “pass/fail”. The threshold score is set after processing tests of all the participants of external independent evaluation. The threshold score defines the minimum number of points that gives the right for participation in the competitive selection for admission to higher education institutions. Test takers who are not able to overcome this barrier, you will not be able to use your test result on this subject for admission to the University.

ЗНО 2019: шкала результатов, сколько баллов нужно набрать

EIT 2019: scale of results

In addition, the results of tests in three subjects – Ukrainian language, mathematics or history of Ukraine and one subject to choose from – will be counted for the high school graduates and students who in 2019 complete secondary education, as grades for the state final examination. Evaluation of DPA is set at a 12-point scale.

The participants of ZNO 2019, which have crossed the threshold “pass/fail”, get the test results in a number from 100 to 200 points. This assessment will be rated. The more test points scored by the examinee, the greater the rating.

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