Eighteen defendants remained in detention after Wall

procureurs-poursuites-criminelles-caroline-meilleur(SHERBROOKE) Eighteen defendants arrested as part of the “Wall” operation are still behind bars.

Drug trafficking network alleged Granby was dismantled on June 29 as part of this police strike. Thirty-six individuals were charged after the operation in which 54 people presumably involved in the supply, distribution and drug trafficking were arrested.

The investigation of release of individuals still held was set for 19 July. A week was chosen to hold this stage of the proceedings at the courthouse of Sherbrooke.

The criminal attorneys Stephanie Landry and Me Caroline Meilleur announced that the presentation of evidence common to these defendants will last about four hours. Subsequently, the prosecution will take an hour by accused to customize proof to everyone.

The defense lawyers have shown great openness to set records of their customers quickly.

The vast majority of individuals are charged with conspiracy to trafficking cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA, cannabis and hashish between 15 March 2015 and 29 June 2016 in Granby, Repentigny, Brossard and elsewhere in Quebec and Ontario as well as trafficking of such substances in Granby and elsewhere in Quebec and Ontario.

“During the searches, several objects were discovered illictes whether in terms of firearms, prohibited weapons or drugs in the accused. New charges will be laid for a comprehensive picture of individuals during surveys for release. ” Ms. Landry says.

The minimum holding penalty notices were filed in various folders on Wednesday before the Conrad Chapdelaine judge of the Court of Quebec.

“The notice of minimum sentences were made in the presence of the accused for trafficking cocaine and MDMA. The prosecution must prove that the traffic was made in association with a criminal organization to require the minimum sentence of a year, “says the prosecutor to criminal prosecution Stéphanie Landry.

The alleged masterminds of the network is Richard Skinner Cowansville, André Madore Roxton Falls and Jean-Maurice Come Roxton Pound are part of the list of those who remain detained.

Eric Bissonnette, Eric Burgdorfer Tony Cherubini, Nelson Murphy, Steevens Pedini, all of Granby, Francis Lajoie in Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby and Come, Skinner and Madore as the owner of Nitro-Gym training center Granby, Ghislain Morin, accused of gangsterism or of having committed a criminal act for or under the direction or in association with a criminal organization are still being held.

Individuals linked to the biker gangs or Marc Bernatchez of Granby, who would be a member of the Hells Angels in Ontario, Pascal Gaudreau joined the Red Devils, while Nelson Murphy, affiliated with the Devil Ghosts, also remain behind bars.

Michael Coenen Roxton Pound who faces charges in connection with the possession of a prohibited weapon and restricted also remains in prison.

“For reasons of convenience and sound administration of justice, mass appearances were held in Sherbrooke. The survey released will also take place in Sherbrooke. For the rest, we’ll see if the procedures will continue to Granby where the files originate, “said Ms. Landry

The Crown agreed to release Jonathan Parent, Daniel Dupuis, Eric Latreille, Stephane Lussier and Eric Williams after they committed themselves to various conditions and pay amounts ranging from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000.

Private Pascal defended by Patrick Frechette, will undergo its investigation released in solo.Prive South Stukely charged with possession in traffic purposes, possession of weapon without permit holder and while he was not allowed.

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