Eight symptoms of a heart attack: “it could save a life”

Восемь симптомов сердечного приступа: «это может спасти жизнь»

Eight symptoms that occur long before a heart attack

The best treatment is prevention. This rule works perfectly for any illnesses and is especially relevant when symptoms persist, which we often overlook.

  • Fatigue. Fatigue is the early symptom that doctors are referred to one of the main is not obvious harbingers of heart attack in women. In the male this symptom shows rarely. Features: Fatigue is not associated with increased physical or mental stress and enhanced by the end of the day. Symptoms quite clearly, so sometimes having difficulty to make your bed or take a shower.
  • Indigestion. Pain in the upper abdomen, nausea on an empty stomach and / or after meals, feeling bloated is one or more of these symptoms appear at the same time as among men and among women. Features: indigestion prior to a heart attack has a wavelike nature, that is, fades, and then reappears. For stomach pain characteristically increased with the voltage and disappearances during the holidays.
  • The sleep disturbance. Also refers to the early signs of attack, which is more typical for women. Often accompanied by anxiety, inattention. Features: sleep disorders can be of different nature, but with the heart problems, as a rule, the disorder is manifest in difficulties getting to sleep and sudden awakenings at night.
  • Suffocation. Shortness of breath is a symptom that bothers people, regardless of sex within one or a few months to a heart attack. Features: Often accompanied by dizziness, feeling of lack of air, which interferes with my breathing.
  • Is thinning hair. Increased hair loss scientists also belong to the symptoms of a heart attack. The typical symptom for men, but also found among the fair sex. Another harbinger is the increased level of the hormone cortisol in the hair. Features: more hair loss in the area of leadership.
  • Disturbed heartbeat. A more typical symptom for men, and in women is often accompanied by a feeling of panic, anxiety. Occurs suddenly and manifests itself in different ways: as arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and tachycardia (increased heartbeat). Atherosclerosis and other heart disease tachycardia may also occur after exercise. Features: Lasts usually no more than 1-2 minutes. If it lasts more than 2 minutes, you may experience dizziness, severe weakness.
  • Excessive sweating. Increased sweating both day and night also refers to the early signs of a heart attack. The symptom is more characteristic for women (often confused with the tides that accompany the menopause), but also found among men.

Восемь симптомов сердечного приступа: «это может спасти жизнь»

Features: Cold clammy sweat (similar to the one that arises when cold) appears regardless of temperature or physical activity. At night, such profuse sweating that in the morning before the sheets become wet.

  • Chest pain, body. Chest pain character and intensity is very different for men and women. Thus, among males this symptom is common and refers to the main early signs of a heart attack. In women, chest pain occurs only in 30% of cases.

Features: chest pain may radiate to the arms (usually the left, but not always), jaw, neck, shoulders, neck, stomach. Can carry both permanent and temporary. Risk factors.

Восемь симптомов сердечного приступа: «это может спасти жизнь»

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We all know about risk factors such as overweight, sedentary lifestyle or Smoking.

But there are other, very specific characteristics of a propensity to heart disease: the crease on the earlobe (especially if it is at an angle diagonally from the ear canal to the lower edge of the lobe) the white bumps on the eyelids, most often yellow in color pain in calf muscles while walking; increased growth of hair in his ears (in men); early grey (men).

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