Eight signs that you need a vacation

Восемь признаков того, что вам пора в отпуск

To be constantly active and omnipotent is impossible. Sooner or later the body breaks down and requires rest

Often our work deals with stressful situations and the body needs a break. Pay attention to the signs that you really need a vacation.

1. Headache

Your body may want rest if you feel discomfort in the head. After the working day you feel intense pain of the head, neck or eyes. A high level of stress can lead to exacerbation of migraine.

Восемь признаков того, что вам пора в отпуск

2. Digestive problems

When our brain gets too exhausted, suffers and digestive system. The most common symptom of such a process irritable bowel syndrome.

3. Frequent colds

Regular stress adversely affects the immune system, and as a result we get sick more often.

4. Weight problems

Also overload of the body and stress leads to rapid weight gain. The reason for this is the increased level of the hormone cortisol, which causes muscle loss and accelerate fat gain.

5. Stomach pain

Stomach pain and nausea can also be a sign that you just have to relax.

6. Fatigue

Constant fatigue from even a familiar work can be the consequence of excessive workload.

7. Pain in the chest

The chest pain is often a purely neurological in nature. If you feel stabbing pain in my sternum, try to relax. However, stress can lead to heart failure. Therefore, consult a doctor.

8. Reduced sexual activity

The person may lose any desire to have sex due to exhaustion. But a good rest is able to return to their seats.

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Восемь признаков того, что вам пора в отпуск

We live in a world of constant stressful situations, disasters, troubles at work and in the family. Moping is sometimes possible, that a modern man can not escape. But to bring yourself to chronic fatigue, fatigue or depression just not worth it.

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