Egyptian archaeologists found a papyrus describing the technology of construction of the pyramids of Giza

Египетские археологи нашли папирус с описанием технологии строительства пирамид Гизы

A scholar from Egypt was lucky enough to come close to solving the mystery of building the pyramids of Giza. The archaeologists have found an ancient papyrus containing a description of technology of building these magnificent structures.
Egyptian specialists have translated a manuscript and able to read valuable for science information. The artifact showed that the builders of the pyramids had to carry 2 500-pound limestone and granite blocks. For the erection of vast structures the Egyptians delivered 170 tonnes of limestone.

Construction material, as described in the papyrus, drove along the Nile to the inner port, located near the pyramids, connected by ropes and wooden boats on special channels. Outlining the Central “water way”, scientists have suggested that it could be the basis for the delivery of blocks to the foot of the Giza Plateau.

Previously, archaeologists have found in the Valley of Timna, “the gates” in king Solomon’s mines.

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