Edited: Robidoux sign his third win of the season

parti-16e-kayle-robidoux-sauve(Granby) A spectacular accident, an engine caught fire and a dramatic rise Kayle Robidoux signed animated the 50-lap modified presented in Friday night at Autodrome.

16th party, Kayle Robidoux through the field and he moved ahead in the 30th round. A cynic strand (or drooling, some would say), he said at the microphone, since the winner’s circle, “the Dodge engine had again done the job.”

But fans who were 3,700 Friday retain the spectacular accident involving Steve Bernard and Mathieu Desjardins, who both have seriously damaged their cars in the sixth round. They also speak of the motor from Steve Bernier, who ignited the 37th pass.

Both times, a red flag was needed. And both times, fortunately, the pilots were unharmed.

No, Bernier has not been easy Friday. Before his engine abandons, he had been disqualified in his qualification after being found guilty of a clash with Bernard. He entered the final of the last line.

Upon arrival, Robidoux, who won his third win of the season, beat Claude Brouillard, Gino Clair, Mario Clair and Francis Bernier.

“Honestly, I had a perfect car tonight, said the car driver No. 46. At the same time, I was not sure how she would react because of the state of the track, which was very sticky. Finally, it has turned … ”

When asked if he was beginning to dream in the championship, Robidoux, Saint-Constant, continued to say no.

“My goal when I come here is to win the race. We will see later, much later, so it’s worth thinking about the championship. ”

Later, the veteran Fog enjoying his beautiful second place.

“I have a good car these days and I want, has he said. I said in La Voix de l’Est, I have as much fun as when I started. And on a night like tonight, I’m having a kid! ”

Two on for Gagne

In sportsman class, Dany Gagné won the final second of 50 laps of the evening. He got the better of Guy Ouellette and Alexandre Salvas.

For Gagne, it was his second straight victory.

A major accident – another! – Punctuated the event. Five cars were involved and it has not seen Martin and Mathieu Pelletier Laramée thereafter.

The week coming up will be expensive repairs to many, can you guarantee!

The small cars of the Sprint series were finally Ligntning guests of the evening. Jordan Poirier (Steve’s nephew) took away the honors of the final 20 laps.

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