Edita told about the novel with Yuri Gagarin: “he sacrificed himself”

Эдита Пьеха рассказала о романе с Юрием Гагариным: «принес себя в жертву»

Edita told interesting details of its communication with the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

According to the singer, he carried her in his arms, and once even “gave himself as a sacrifice.”

81-year-old Edita in an interview with Russian media spoke about his relationship with Yuri Gagarin. She admitted that the astronaut, test pilot wore on her hands, but of the novel as they have none.

Эдита Пьеха рассказала о романе с Юрием Гагариным: «принес себя в жертву»

“My affair with him? You what? No, of course not,” said star.

She said that Gagarin talked a few times. As she played with Gagarin volleyball. The result of the game unsuccessfully stumbled, turned her ankle and fell. Gagarin, like a true gentleman, picked her up and carried her to the infirmary.

Another time, Peha and Gagarin were playing pool. And singer said that she won the game, but not because it masterfully owned cue.

Collins admitted that Yuri Gagarin she just gave in: “Able to sacrifice”.

The actress also added that her first husband, the composer and conductor Alexander Bronevitsky was very jealous of the performer to the astronaut.

As previously reported, Edita hit the camera lens in a wheelchair. Journalists noticed that the people’s artist of the USSR now cannot be moved independently.

So, the singer returned to St. Petersburg after the concert in Moscow. On the platform was already waiting for her, and greeters took a wheelchair. In him the singer of the village immediately after getting out of the car.

The fans who Peha after the concert, I noticed that she moves with great difficulty. It was evident during the concert, when the singer tried not to move too much on stage and many songs were performed in a sitting position.

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It is known that a few years ago, the singer already had problems with his feet after during one of performances she hit the wooden screen thinking that of the tissue.

Эдита Пьеха рассказала о романе с Юрием Гагариным: «принес себя в жертву»

Previously, we wrote about the fact that Edita, despite its popularity, in fact, very lonely: for the disease that affects the singer is an extremely bad factor.

The singer admitted that for several years has a serious illness. In addition, in recent times she feels very lonely man. Edita said that very rarely let someone into your home. The reason for this very small circle of friends.

Recall, appeared in a step from “this” world Peha was back in the hospital.

As reported Politeka, son of Peha transformed into a girl.

Also Politeka wrote that the legendary Edita Piekha was in the hospital