Economic Diversification Fund: Anglade open to the idea of ​​easing

ministre-dominique-anglade-ete-accueillie(Becancour) At a conference organized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Coeur-du-Quebec industry, the Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation, Dominique Anglade, opened the door to more flexible standards for the economic diversification Fund.

Since the beginning of this program, Becancour stakeholders were stubborn to a plea in their application easing of standards.

“A relief, we will look at that. There are a number of standardized programs that do not meet the needs. We must adapt and challenge the system, “she began before the sixty participants at the dinner CCICQ.

The guest of the day was responding to a question from the mayor of Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, Yves Tousignant, who set the example of former LaPrade Fund for his contribution at the time of $ 900 000 to build the local arena.

“It is 20 kilometers from the site of the nuclear plant. The government should focus assistance from the Fund in the territory and make it more flexible in the MRC de Bécancour “he had suggested.

In an interview, the Liberal minister repeated his intention to consider “anything that can be a carrier for Quebec in terms of job creation and investment.”

His comment occurred the same day that his colleague in charge of the Fund, Lise Thériault, Wickham was to announce support of more than $ 3.1 million to 13 companies in the Centre-du-Québec, generating investments in excess $ 23 million for the creation and consolidation of 80 jobs.

Since the government came Couillard, 133 projects have been announced in connection with the Fund for a contribution grazing the $ 28 million. This will permit a total investment of $ 180 million and the creation and consolidation of more than 2,500 jobs.

Asked about the possibility of supporting retail, Ms. Anglade learned from the mouth of his deputy minister that it was not possible to subsidize this sector for competitive reasons.

“Yes, it was the industrial park, but the very small business is the key to success in Nicolet-Bécancour and should be given more tools to the regions. We are still living the effects of the closure of Norsk Hydro and Gentilly-2, “had previously informed him that the President of the CCICQ, Karine Béliveau.

Sensitized by Mayor Jean-Guy Dubois on deregulation requirements and former House Speaker Jean-Guy Doucet, on common sense should prevail in environmental requirements, the speaker highlighted the work of Jean -Denis Girard in the first case and discussed measures to come in the second.

As Minister responsible for the Digital Agenda, has welcomed the deployment project of optical fiber in the MRC de Bécancour.

In her address, Ms. Anglade addressed entrepreneurship, export and manufacturing innovative, citing, among others, Fromagerie Ancêtre and Rovibec.

Premier Aviation

After his tour on the South Bank, the Minister met with leaders Anglade Premier Aviation. “Various discussions are ongoing. This is a company that has innovated through time. We will be there to support them, “she said at a media scrum while stressing that Trois-Rivières region was the second largest in Quebec in the aerospace sector.

Saying he had delivered a “hopeful message for Premier Aviation”, it believes that the development of the CSeries “is likely to maintain and create more jobs.” “Everything is on the table. We are waiting to see what will be asked us, “she added.

For his part, Mayor Yves Lévesque spoke of a courtesy visit from the Minister for Anglade, he said, “see the extent of this company with its 350 jobs.”

“She came reassure people compared to what was said in public about the CSeries,” said one who has in his pocket a terminal expansion project for commercial flights.

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