EBRD MHP refused credit, misinformation launched by the Europeans

ЕБРР не отказывал МХП в кредите, дезинформацию запустили европейцы

Information of the Austrian newspaper “Kurier” about refusal in crediting of the Ukrainian company “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” (MHP) from the European Bank for reconstruction and development is not true

This was reported in the EBRD, reports UNN.

It specified that the decision on granting a new loan to a Ukrainian company is still pending. Consideration of the issue is planned for 19 June. Accordingly, refusal of the question.

“Information publication the Courier (Kurier) does not hold, since the project is not even submitted for consideration of the shareholders of EBRD”, — said the press service of the Bank.

Earlier, some Ukrainian media reported the blocking of the loan to MHP with whom the EBRD successfully cooperates for more than one year.

Reference: Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) Yuriy Kosyuk is the largest producer and exporter of chicken meat in Ukraine (TM Nasha Ryaba). The company provides 88,2% of all external supplies of poultry meat to international markets and Ukraine annually provides about $ 500 million. foreign currency earnings.