Eat and do not be sad: named for the products that protect from depression

Ешь и не грусти: названы продукты, которые спасают от депрессии

In the fall, when it’s tempting to mourn, it is important to add in your diet foods that protect from depression

Ukrainian dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia told what foods reduce the level of depression and anxiety, and treat various mental disorders. Appropriate post expert published in Instagram.

Ешь и не грусти: названы продукты, которые спасают от депрессии

According to nutritionist, in the body of every person can often encounter free radicals — harmful substances that appear in body as a result of disturbed metabolism and cause cell death membrane. The expert says that these substances are directly involved in the development of various mental disorders, including depression.

“Studies show a reduction of some emotional centers in the brains of patients with depression, which can be a consequence of nerve cell death in these areas is caused by free radicals. People who eat a lot of vegetables, berries and fruits rich in antioxidants “quench” free radicals, less likely to suffer from depression, psychological discomfort, anxiety and affective disorders,” writes Skitalinska.

The nutritionist also notes the importance of the use of “solar” phytonutrients contained in the yellow-orange-red fruits. These products act on people, a beneficial, calming the nervous system.

“Why do you think Italians are funny? Because eat a lot of tomatoes — fresh, dried and tomato paste, si-si, the Lord and sincerity. “—says nutritionist.

Not less antidepressant activity is a pumpkin. Beautiful vegetable that has no contraindications at all for anyone. It is not sour, not spicy and has an extremely delicate tissue.

Ешь и не грусти: названы продукты, которые спасают от депрессии

“The pumpkin should be on our table every day and preferably three times a day.
But just because a pumpkin is not all. Therefore, it is possible to prepare a dessert for Breakfast antidepressant coffee,” says dietitian.

Recall nutritionists concerned about the dangerous habits of Ukrainians.

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