Earth faces catastrophe from space, scientists are sounding the alarm: “destroy all life”

Земле грозит катастрофа из космоса, ученые бьют тревогу: "уничтожит все живое"

Astrophysicists have warned of the danger of collision with asteroids, which in the past could have triggered the extinction of the creatures

Scientists have studied the orbits of the celestial bodies that threaten to destroy the Earth or to create favorable conditions for the development of life on other planets. A study published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Astrophysics Mattia, Galiazzo and Rudolf Dvorak of the University of Vienna together with Elizabeth silber of brown University, became interested in the “centaurs”. The so-called small objects in the Solar system whose orbits are between Jupiter and Neptune. Scientists have calculated the number of close passes and collisions with planets of terrestrial group after the so-called Late heavy bombardment, held about 3.8 billion years ago. They also analyzed the possible sizes of the craters that will remain on Earth as a result of collision with the centaurs.

Земле грозит катастрофа из космоса, ученые бьют тревогу: "уничтожит все живое"

The study authors noted that the outer body are mostly of TRANS-Neptunian objects and constitute a part of the near-earth sources. Scientists are trying to predict the changes of the orbits, which in the future can lead to disaster on Earth or the terrestrial planets. If you know in advance the time of the collision, you can raise the alarm and save a lot of lives.

“We calculated the approximate size of the craters. They can become active comets due to the presence of water in many of them. We also calculated the approximate amount of water that came down, which is comparable with the volume of water in the Adriatic sea. We found subregions of the centaurs, from which the possible impactors,” said Mattia, Galiazzo.

Земле грозит катастрофа из космоса, ученые бьют тревогу: "уничтожит все живое"

As it turned out, the craters from cosmic bodies can reach hundreds of kilometers in diameter. So the Late heavy bombardment on Earth and Venus was not as intense as the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. But the centaurs on average, much faster and heavier, and therefore leave large footprints. For small centaurs (with a diameter of less than one kilometer) the frequency of collisions is much higher. Every 14 million years they crash into the Earth every 13 million years Venus and 46 million years in Mars. Scientists report that about half of the centaurs can enter into the terrestrial region and about 7% of them are able to critically influence the terrestrial planets.

“Our work provides a system for better understanding past events and how they might change life on Earth and other terrestrial planets. Such events can have a direct impact on the lives or by its destruction (e.g. on the Ground) or to create favorable conditions (e.g., hydrothermal activity) for the formation of new life. In addition, our results provide more answers to questions about the evolution of the modern Solar system,” summarizes Galiazzo.

Recall, scientists decided to move the moon from space for the first time in history.

As reported Politeka, scientists spoke about the unique “neighbor” of the Earth: is eating itself.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have warned about the impact on the Earth, doomsday is close: “a guest from heaven will destroy all”.