Early elections in Ukraine, Zelensky has placed all the dots and articulated the fatal date

Досрочные выборы в Украине, у Зеленского расставили все точки: озвучена роковая дата

President Vladimir Zelensky do not exclude that early elections can be held in certain regions

In an interview with journalists said the MP from the “Servants of the people” Alexander Kachura, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

According to the colleague of the head of state, preparing for early elections can be started after the completion of the formation of local communities

Досрочные выборы в Украине, у Зеленского расставили все точки: озвучена роковая дата

“About the possible local elections, I would like to the process of decentralization was completed, and only then, I think elections will be possible,” said Kachura and made the assumption that the decentralization reform will be completed in the spring of 2020.

MP from the “Servants of the people” claims that early elections will help to hold the “reset of power” in the troubled regions of Ukraine.

“There are several regions. For example, in my native Sumy is the city Council, I will not to offend anyone, in order not filed lawsuits, but the fact remains. Thanks to the activities of the leadership of this town now do not go trams, repair roads,” he said.

Summing up, Oleksandr Kachur noted that early local elections may take place in Odessa, Kharkiv, Lutsk and Kiev. He also said that the elections was informed by the Office of President Vladimir Zelensky.

Досрочные выборы в Украине, у Зеленского расставили все точки: озвучена роковая дата

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Earlier Vladimir Zelensky abolished the decrees that issued the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Namely, the closest political allies of Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky deprived of diplomatic status – the people’s Deputy Vladimir Aryev and Arthur Gerasimova.

It also became known, with whom and how to consult President Vladimir Zelensky for making important decisions. It turns out that the head of state with his advisers organizes these brainstorming sessions.

At these meetings there are usually the head of the Office of the President Andriy Bogdan, the first assistant and longtime business partner Zelensky Sergey Shafir and presidential aide Andriy Yermak.

Recall Zelensky met with Kolomoisky on everyone’s mind.

As reported Politeka, Palchevsky said, who “helped” Zelensky to form a government.

Also Politeka wrote that Kolomoisky has developed a cunning scheme for the sale of coal.