Each Potapov told everything that happened on the stag of the singer: “very bad”

Друг Потапа рассказал все, что происходило на мальчишнике певца: "очень плохо"

Positive from “Time and glass” said that the company was out in two days

Party “Time and Glass” Alexei Zavgorodny, known as the Positive, told one of Ukrainian TV channels, how was the bachelor party rapper Potap. The actor shared some exclusive information with TV presenter Katya Osadchaya.

However, about the party Positive not much spread, noting that bachelor party turned into a celebration of his birthday on may 19.

Nadia Dorofeeva, remembering those days, said the boys after a two-day celebration looked powerless.

Друг Потапа рассказал все, что происходило на мальчишнике певца: "очень плохо"

“Nobody back then did not go to sleep. The guys looked very bad and tried to be cheerful. And celebrated they are very cool,” commented a colleague of Positivity.

According to the singer, he’s with Nadia Dorofeeva couple gave in honor of the wedding money. A member of the popular group said that the group “Time and glass” managed to play a concert in another city, and return for the celebration.

“We were at the ceremony, where I shed many tears. Then we left, played with maximum cool and returned to the young,” said Alex.

We will remind, the singer Nastya Kamensky and Potap rapper were married on 23 may. The wedding became known only just before the celebration. Alex blew up the Internet a public statement, confirming the speculation of the audience.

Друг Потапа рассказал все, что происходило на мальчишнике певца: "очень плохо"

At the moment it is known that the artist feels terrible. She spoke about it in his stories of the popular social network. According to her, she got sick. Also, in recognition Nastya, Potap helps with the disease and turned her only day off in the most magical.

In confirmation girl posted photos with her husband on which they walk. Anastasia chose a light sweatshirt is oversized Fanny pack black, denim shorts and white sneakers. The rapper wore a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

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Commentators admire the couple, a wish Nastya speedy recovery.

“I love you”, “You klassnye”, “get Well soon. You need not only a Captain, but of the whole Ukraine, at least!”, “Potap Respect!)”, “I think this doctor, even with his presence around for treats…well done”, “Relax and take care of yourself❣ my butt,” write the users.

Note now the singer is suffering from cough. She probably caught a cold.

Recall, Potap Kamenskih showed on the wedding day in his underwear.

As reported Politeka, wedding Kamenskih and Potap: bride showed sensual photos and a touching confession of love.

Also Politeka wrote that appeared the first photos of a gorgeous restaurant near Kiev, where they will celebrate the wedding Potap and Kamenskih.