Dzhanabaeva stunned deep cleavage, candid photos: “beauticians sweated”

Джанабаева ошеломила глубоким декольте, откровенное фото: "косметологи попотели"

Albina dzhanabaeva surprised the audience, speaking about the compliments in her address and showed a new candid image

Singer Albina dzhanabaeva just hit fans with a new photo and commentary. This writes Рoliteka with reference to Instagram stars. In particular, the artist published a post where he writes about “the specifics of compliments”, showing off in the bright dress or perhaps a jacket with a plunging neckline:

“Over the past two days I have received several compliments. Here’s the original: on the border control officer looking at my passport asked: “how old are you full years”…..I’m confused, to be honest, and even strained. Usually children may ask, “how long, who fly the name of the parents,” and then….”, intrigued, the artist fans.

And continued that she was very surprised by the reaction of one of the men on it, more precisely – information about her age:

“In General, when my counter-questions it turned out that the guy just didn’t believe and thought, I’m not on my own passport, and probably your mother, and that the reality does not match with the passport. Here after all! Should be happy)! Learn to make compliments,” — wrote the actress under photos.

Fans delighted with what they saw, but not all, some write that the artist “borsic” with makeup and cleverly disguises its age, thanks to her, there are those who have suggested that the actress cheated on account of the above it’s history:

“Elegant beauty”

“The work of beauticians on top…”

“I can’t find the words to describe how you are beautiful in each new photo”

“Stop lying”

Джанабаева ошеломила глубоким декольте, откровенное фото: "косметологи попотели"

Джанабаева ошеломила глубоким декольте, откровенное фото: "косметологи попотели"

Also earlier it was reported that the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Albina dzhanabaeva after breaking up with Meladze was struck by the magical view. In the video, which appeared online a woman appeared in the incredible beauty of the dresses Golden-beige shade that is also stressed all the advantages of her figure. The way it complemented the massive earrings. While Albina chose bright makeup with emphasis on the lips and gathered the hair into a low ponytail. Judging by the video, Albina took part in a new photo shoot.

Earlier, new pictures from the trip, another ex-member of popular muscletime Nadia Meyher showed in his Instagram — they she smiles at celebrity either tank, or dress with a deep neckline in black. Hope Meyher-Granovskaya signed post like this:

“An unexpected meeting with a charming Elevator. And on another photo we secured the acquaintance firsthand, so to speak…”, signed artist photo, where she poses with another famous actress Evelina Bledans.

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Meyher, but as always, emphasized her feminine figure and ample bosom in particular. Fans and netizens flocked like bees to honey for the post-star, people write what they Hope looks like she’s bold and just the standard of female beauty. They also noted that the two, who met on holiday and together tobecause ladies look great, but still Meyher — out of competition:


“Beauty decided to treat myself cancer!”

“You are so beautiful, Hope, admire!”

“Every though attractive woman, loses your background, Hope”


Recall, he boasted a photo with his wife and ran into criticism.

As reported Politeka, dispersed Meladze VIA gra, there was only one.

Also Politeka wrote that Brezhnev in a revealing outfit alarmed statement.