Dusseault denounces “broken promises” Liberal

pierre-luc-dusseault(SHERBROOKE) The member for Sherbrooke Pierre-Luc Dusseault believes that the NDP was “the only party to defend the interests of all citizens” in Ottawa during the last parliamentary session.

In his session report, Mr. Dussault says it has defended the interests of Sherbrooke on many issues, especially regarding “broken promises” of the Liberals. In this regard, he recalled that the first budget of the Minister Morneau contained “no significant measure to help the development of small airports such as Sherbrooke.”

Maintaining the delivery of mail home, he calls “major challenge for Sherbrooke” as part as part of the commitments the Liberals have not met, supports the NDP.

The tax cuts announced by the Liberals have not materialized as promised, also notes Pierre-Luc Dusseault. These, he said, “only affect individuals whose income is between $ 89,401 and $ 200,000,” while the NDP advocates more support to citizens with low revenu.Cela said, the member for Sherbrooke welcomed the fact that the 2016 Canada summer jobs Program will enable 124 organizations to share $ 1 million, which will result in the creation of 322 summer jobs for Sherbrooke.

Finally, he recalled that the last session allowed him to drop Bill C-291 on the mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods and for which the member invites the public to sign the petition found on its site.

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