Durable Feather

plume-latraverse-beau-prendre-ageIn 70 years as 50 and as to 30, all you can love at Plume Latraverse was offered in abundance on Saturday night at the church of Tadoussac. It was funny, very funny even. He explored the unknown layers of his wide repertoire and did so with authority alongside his eternal accomplice, Jean-Claude Marsan, and a newcomer, bassist Gregory Morency.

The church was full as an egg and for the first time since the opening of the Song Festival on Thursday, it was hot. Just arrived on scene, the big soft-flank went there a first joke: “Playing and singing in the house of Jesus. The festival gave me the opportunity to realize this dream I so cherished past. ”

As Plume did not miss one, here he is engaged in the first of his long lost too pearls in the blind spot of his albums: the past. It was then found that his voice showed no signs of weakness, with just enough of Garnotte, and the sound of two guitars, dry, electrical, was still cleverly meshed. In short, it was gone.

Even a demanding piece that “sweep” the ultra-fast broadband, was delivered without a blow with the added bonus of the beautiful curves of the bass to accentuate the guy side, since is about a love triangle. In the same vein, another single from the album Songs for all kinds of people, very operated by Plume, was served Expedited “The tarantella della tarantula.” Again, the beautiful work, but the full version we would have preferred.

“Now I’m going to do a song that you do not know at all. This is an album I’ll record soon, although sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it, “the veteran announced to applause and cheers. In fact, he proposed three and if the rest is the same water, it will not be sad, this encoded.

There was the fatal world, forced by a playful beat, a title loaded with irony and was unfortunately short. “It takes 40 days and 40 nights, and there are special effects, then in the end is like a valley of tears”, described its author.

“I’ll make a shorter, but it is too introspective for average minds who are here, my ciboria gang,” said Feather. This time it is for real that he made old bones, removed a piece that sums up this passage: “You have a beautiful skeleton despite everything pogne around.”

The futures trio was completed talked nightlife astray, a beautiful setting for two guitars. Like the others, was received loud and public, happy to see that some things do not change in this confusing world, did not regret one second the lack of success of the singer.

Back from the break, it has also raised people’s attitudes, their openness. “A public that is listening! Although I know this is out of respect for my old age, thank you, “he mentioned.

To show his gratitude, he offered a funny monument, “Farmer John” victim of so many mishaps, starting with his pot plants eaten by caterpillars.

The only reminder In the den Louis, showed serious face Feather, creative musician, the author who finds poetry in the mundane daily. After an inspired interpretation, he left by making a sign of the cross, surrounded by his two thieves. It was time to open a water canister holy.

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