Dupre draws 11,000 people

marc-dupre-entre-scene-fouleNearly 11 000 people gathered outside the scene of the Port area, filled to overflowing, to attend the free show of Marc Dupre, presented as part of Canada Day, Friday night.

“I’m waiting since noon and a half! I can not wait to see Marc Dupre! “Said one of the spectators, Jean-Michel Thibault. Several people lined up all afternoon to get a good seat at the party.

“It’s really nice to have a free show! In addition, there are around tonight (Friday) for Canada Day! “, Told Olivier Larouche, one of the young people present at the show.

The spectators were of all ages. As many adults and adolescents and children proudly wore jerseys bearing the image of the popular singer. “This is my favorite artist! I can not wait to hear the song We are the same. This is the one I like the most! “He told Rebecca Fortin, aged nine, minutes before the show starts. The girl, accompanied by her mother, was there from the beginning of the afternoon.

“Because of the rain there has been this afternoon, we did not know if we would have more people that show Jean-Marc Parent (June 24) that there had been 10 000 people. But fortunately, it stopped! “Said the general manager of the Port area, Fabien Hovington.

Indeed, the temperature has not scared citizens, since there were still thronging the gates half an hour after the start of the show.

When Marc Dupre came on stage, the crowd chanted his name deeply. The singer performed his greatest hits, to the delight of the spectators, who clapped their hands and sang the lyrics together. Songs A blow on my heart and half of your secrets, sung at the beginning of the show, have allowed the crowd to get into the mood.

In addition to songs, Marc Dupre allowed himself few other successes, as I hear knocking (Michel Pagliaro) or Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams). The artist was also accompanied by two guests, Jerome Couture and Yvan Pedneault, two former members of the show’s voice.

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