Dull hair indicate a lack of iron

Тусклые волосы говорят о недостатке железа

The lack of vitamins and minerals in our body can lead to General malaise, and to changes in appearance

Known nutritionist Svetlana FUS said that may be the cause of fatigue, dull hair and dry skin. The expert says that this may indicate a lack of iron in the body. Corresponding post published in Instagram.

According to nutritionist, when iron deficiency, the skin becomes pale and dry, her hair dull and weak, nails brittle, and the corners of her mouth arise nonhealing sores.

Тусклые волосы говорят о недостатке железа

This person is experiencing constant fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, irritability, memory impairment. Also a symptom of iron deficiency can be frequent colds.

Тусклые волосы говорят о недостатке железа

The storm washed up on the beach in Odessa, a major “production”: it is guarded by the border guards and the SBU, details, and frames

Iron is indispensable to human body trace element, involved in the oxygenation of tissues, organs and systems. Chronic iron deficiency can lead to a decrease in blood hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen, and to trigger the development of iron deficiency anemia.

People with iron deficiency suffer from constant fatigue, the slightest physical exertion causes severe shortness of breath — so affected by the lack of oxygen. Other typical symptoms of iron deficiency — dizziness and even fainting, drowsiness, irritability, memory impairment.

If the iron deficiency caused by malnutrition, it can be fixed. Include in your diet red meat, offal (especially liver), oysters, eggs, nuts, legumes, apples, pomegranates, raisins, figs. You can also try vitamin kits.

We will add, earlier the scientists said, what vitamins can delay and stop the old age of the body.

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Тусклые волосы говорят о недостатке железа

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