Dubinsky uncovered a criminal scheme involving the NBU: “Pro looking at the head”

Дубинский раскрыл преступную схему с участием НБУ: «пророссийский смотрящий во главе»

In “the Servant of the people” he spoke about corruption schemes in the Ukrainian business and the higher echelons of power – in particular, about so-called “looking Ukrainian banks”

A video called “How stolen state-owned banks or old looking for the new government” was published on the eve of the famous Ukrainian journalist and candidate for people’s deputies from “public Servants” Alexander by Dubinsky.

In a release, the journalist says that the new government inherited from the old “watcher”:

“I will tell the names who oversee the most delicious sector of the Ukrainian economy, in particular the banking system.”

Дубинский раскрыл преступную схему с участием НБУ: «пророссийский смотрящий во главе»

First, Dubinsky wanted to tell a business partner Catherine Rozhkova, which is now the first Deputy head of the NBU – Oleksiy Didkovskiy, managing partner yurkompanii “asters”. The journalist claims that the latter is called in Ukraine “looking” for troubled assets “Oschadbank”, one of the largest banks of Ukraine:

“One of the deals related to asters and Didkovsky is the sale of debts of group of companies “Creative”, which then conveniently was rasterbate, so that the oil extraction plants of the group “Creative” — they have a turnover of a billion dollars via state banks – “Oschadbank” in particular, was in the hands of the oligarch Andrey Verevskiy”.

Дубинский раскрыл преступную схему с участием НБУ: «пророссийский смотрящий во главе»

According to Dubinsky, the above scheme was managed by the head of Department of Management of problem debts “Sberbank” Andrey Pozhidaev, he is “the man” Didkovsky:

“Didkovsky also cashed the money and the nationalization of Banking because payments that were derived using the national Bank’s legal advisers, was settled in the company “asters”, and then the company escorting the money to the nominees – physical, which then participated in the auctions on acquisition of mortgaging real estate of the bankrupt banks in funds for guaranteeing deposits through a platform of another company.” The latter company also is somehow connected with Didkovskiy, through the man who oversees the sale of secured objects to the funds of the guarantee.

Didkovsky’s “sitting” on the Russian side, says the journalist, because the money gets from there is a lawyer one of the largest companies of the Russian Federation, which is controlled by Ukrainian Ammonia.

The scheme works and the journalist indicates that the Ukrainian authorities a long time ago it’s time to do her elimination:

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“In parallel, said hi to the head “savings Bank” Andrew Magnificent, which so to say “through my fingers” looks at the disappearance of distressed assets”, — concluded Oleksandr Dubinsky.

We will remind that earlier the head of the headquarters of the party “servant of the people” talked about the new reform.

The head of the headquarters of the party “servant of the people” Alexander Kornienko told about the plans of the President’s team to carry out administrative reform, which areas will be enlarged and introduced the institution of prefects:

“The reform envisages the expansion of the powers of government at the local level and, accordingly, reduction of the role of elements such as public administration and replacement of these prefectures, which will monitor the legality of decisions of local councils”.

The politician argues that in such models a “powerful district level is not much need”:

“So we’re talking about the enlargement areas to be addressed by the prefect,” said Alexander Kornienko.

Recall that fulfilled the most terrible dream Tymoshenko: ruthless Zelensky said who will be Prime Minister.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made an emergency statement immediately after the election: “do Not relax”.

Politeka also wrote that there was a reaction Zelensky and Vakarchuk on the historic triumph.