Dubinsky exposed cunning scheme Granovsky: “This is a generator of corruption”

Дубинский разоблачил хитрую схему Грановского: «Это генератор коррупции»

People’s Deputy Alexander Granovsky has an additional “earnings” on the border

This was reported by journalist Alexander Dubinsky in his new video message, pass “Accents”.

“Department “Kononenko-Granovsky”. The last — decided cases in the courts on behalf of the BPP. It was called “Chapters”. The most profitable unit of the SBU. It collects tribute from all the legal and illegal schemes in the country. They are called “biznesi”. General Kovalenko, who is associated with Granovsky, in charge of the smuggling. That is, smuggling is a Granovsky. It is the generator of corruption,” he said.

At the same time, Dubinsky said about the scheme, which was “inherited” from Viktor Yanukovych.

“There is a list of businesses that can’t be touched. They regularly pay tribute. These lists are the same as in the SBU, the MIA, tax, GFS and prosecutors. This system was developed under Yanukovych. The cost of the “tribute” is 0.3% of turnover, which are divided among all participants in the scheme,” — he stressed.

As previously reported, people’s Deputy from BPP Alexander Granovsky, who is called looking Poroshenko in the courts and Prosecutor’s office, has multigrades.

How found the journalists, in 2009 Granovsky received the passport of the citizen of Moldova. Passport in the name of Alexander Granovsky under serial number MS 002260 issued on 5 August 2009. And in 2014 became a U.S. citizen. A couple of years ago received a passport of a citizen of Romania. Multigrades prohibited by the Ukrainian legislation it is necessary to Granovsky in order to avoid criminal liability after the change of power in Ukraine.

Recall, the media wrote about corruption Granovsky, calling him a raider. He, along with owners of the bar Association “EQUITY” Victor Barsuk and Oleg Malinevskiy many years overcomes a successful business. For example, Sky Mall in Kyiv, which helped to overcome the Gang “Bald birds” scandalous Prosecutor Sergei Lysenko.

Granovsky involved in scams plundering public money in connection with the supply of fuel and lubricants of LLC “trade the Commodity” for PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

In 2018, the Prosecutor General’s office said Granovsky on suspicion of several crimes. He is charged with part 2 of article 205 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and part 3 of article 212 of the criminal code of Ukraine. Malicious evasion from payment of taxes in especially large sizes and fictitious business with the participation of shell business entities to conceal their illicit activities. But parliamentary immunity does not allow to attract Granovsky to criminal liability.

Дубинский разоблачил хитрую схему Грановского: «Это генератор коррупции»

Recall, Poroshenko was disgraced in front of Yanukovych, appeared bright photo: “can’t live without…”.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky beat Poroshenko at the meeting with Stoltenberg.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko has associated with the terrible catastrophe that is known.