Dua Lipa are unable to hold back the tears during his speech

Дуа Липа не смогла сдержать слез во время выступления

British singer continues world tour. Yesterday, the famous brunette gave a solo concert in Shanghai. Leggy singer performed all the top hits and a few songs from the first album. However, not all fans were able to enjoy the evening and a live performance of the pop diva. During a concert in the auditorium appeared about 10-and rainbow flags. A few locals waving banners, to illustrate and support the Chinese LGBT community. But security guards of night club where the event took place, immediately tied up and kicked activists. At the same Dua Lipa remained on the scene.

The young Briton was unable to hold back the tears, so barely finished his statement. Writes storinka.com.ua later leggy brunette appealed to all fans by posting a message in one of the social networks. “I want to create a safe environment for each of you. I wish we sang, had fun and had a great time together. We will not be here long, but I hope you liked all the songs, and in the future we will meet again,” said the singer of the hit song “One Kiss”. Also on the page in social network Instagram Dua Lipa told me that he experienced shock and remorse over fans who were not able to stay for the speech to end. However, the British is proud of their courage and determination.

“I’ll stand near you for your love and belief! I am so proud of and thank each of you who are not afraid to Express their own position. I hope that now you are safe, and everyone liked my performance. For these fans is to travel the world,” admitted pop singer in the social network.

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