DTEK calls for the timely introduction of the new electricity market, – Timchenko

ДТЭК выступает за своевременное введение нового рынка электроэнергии, – Тимченко

DTEK supports the early launch of a new electricity market from 1 July 2019, as provided by the law “On electricity market”

It said the company’s CEO Maxim Timchenko on the discovery of the Nikopol SES, writes ukranews.com.

“I am categorically opposed to any transfer. I believe that as stated in the law of July 1, 2019, this lines must be maintained. I believe that even with those delays, certain shortcomings of the legislative framework, secondary legislation, there is every reason for the transition to a new market, maybe not completely, but it is necessary to move from the 1st of July,” he said.

According to Timchenko, DTEK is fully prepared to reform and intends to fully compete in the new market. “Our company is ready for this. We made a lot of changes in DTEK. We have identified and created a new company. We want to compete. We want to have opened the import of electricity to form the market price, so we at least dependent on the controller and from the state, and in setting tariffs and in determining how much to produce electricity, etc. All this can be, if implemented the law, which is recognized as a European law as law, which in fact brings the opportunity to compete,” he said.

The CEO also expressed confidence that state bodies and companies will be able in the remaining 2.5 months to complete training and begin work in a new market. A similar situation was with andbinding and launch of the retail market.

“Still, from January 1, launched. Today, any consumer can choose from more than 400 companies, power suppliers, began the competition, more and more, competition including price because we work in this market, we feel,” said he.

In addition, according to Timchenko, the most important bill for the Ukrainian energy sector is currently a bill on the introduction of “green” auction.

It will give stimulus for the further development of generation. “This will reduce the tariff for green electricity generation. And we believe that more competition should appear in this segment, and the consumer will benefit from it. The second is the protections for those investors who have already built today objects and those that will be coming in the future, to build. It is a European practice”, — he stressed.

Recall that in 2017 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on electricity market, which will introduce the rules of the Third energy package of the European Union.