Drunken mob rushed on Mishka from the block 95, in the course went weapons: “Fight!”

Пьяная толпа бросилась на Кошевого из Квартала 95, в ход пошло оружие: «Дерись!»

The famous actor Yevgeny Koshevoy from the Studio “Kvartal 95” faced with aggressive fans

The comedian said in an interview about the attack, which almost hurt. Recently, a group of drunken men rushed at the artist and his companions during the trip.

As reported by Yevgeniy Koshevoy, enraged fans spotted the members of “95 Quarter” at the gas station, stopping next to his car. Drunk men tried to provoke artists to the conflict, wanting to be photographed, while the celebrities were not in the mood.

Пьяная толпа бросилась на Кошевого из Квартала 95, в ход пошло оружие: «Дерись!»

“Came out a few devils and say: “Well, boys, let’s have a drink?”. We told them: “Let you go your way, we — my,” admitted Eugene Mishka. Having been refused, a group of young people got angry even more. According to the comedian, the crowd began to overtake and push his car. One of the attackers even took out a weapon and began to “poke the barrel out the window.”

Eugene Mishka said that some people alcoholic drinks “just kill”, provoking inappropriate behavior. “And if we have guns, so a bunch of drunk guys, why not just go to town and not go to someone lupanut ?! It’s disgusting and cowardice, I believe,” said “kartalovets”. He added that his case was able to do without dire consequences.

Пьяная толпа бросилась на Кошевого из Квартала 95, в ход пошло оружие: «Дерись!»

Yevgeniy Koshevoy added that have not participated in a major showdown. All the conflicts and fights, zakonchilis a student. According to the artist, the events of the last youth tempered character and weaned his fear of contractions. “There was a case where I fear nothing and nobody. I was disappointed in people. As mentioned Pinocchio turtle tortilla: “we need to Fight — so fight!”” — completed Eugene Mishka.

However, even after a stormy youth humorist did not become absolutely fearless. He recently spoke about one of the phobias on the page in Instagram. According to Eugene Mishka, he long cherished dream, which suddenly destroyed the singer Nastya Kamenskih.

The comedian told the followers that wanted to jump with a parachute, despite terrible fear. There was a time when he had almost decided on extreme entertainment. “But after Nastya Kamensky unsuccessfully jumped, the desire somehow disappeared”, — explained Evgeniy Koshevoy in the social network.

We will remind, the leader of “95 Quarter” was struck by the intimate details of his personal life: “the First time was in a taxi…”.

As reported Politeka, Mishka told the truth about drugs in the “Quarter-95”: “someone Who wants to…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Mishka admitted, as Zelensky-President will help the Quarter: “If just to be bad…”.