Drunken majors staged a terrible accident in Kherson, footage from the scene: Zaitsev learned nothing

Пьяные мажоры устроили страшное ДТП в Херсоне, кадры с места: Зайцева ничему не научила

The accident occurred when young people are very disperse and are unable to control the situation

On the wide highways of the Tauride micro-district in Kherson street racers to race.

It is known that young people on a new car “Volvo” did not fit into the turn near the shop “Architect” and crashed into an electrosupport. As reports RBC-Ukraine, “major” was moving at high speed.

The driver of a foreign car have got off with bruises and a slight shock, because the airbag has deployed. But his 29-year-old friend suffered serious injuries. The arrived physicians diagnosed a concussion and traumatic brain injury. However, later they let him go home.

Пьяные мажоры устроили страшное ДТП в Херсоне, кадры с места: Зайцева ничему не научила

The police report that “racers” were in a state of alcoholic intoxication. So, the 28-year-old driver Alcotest revealed approximately 1.6 ppm of alcohol, and this is eight times higher than the acceptable norm.

We will remind, in the East China due to a broken wheel of the bus caused a large-scale accident. In a car accident killed about 36 people.

The incident happened in the city district of ISIN, when the bus was carrying 69 passengers. The driver drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a truck. By the way, the last one was three people.

In addition to those killed, nine people are in serious condition. Only one man was discharged from the hospital immediately after the examination.

Earlier we wrote that on the road “Nikolaev-Kherson” in an accident killed the Deputy chief of the Department of national police of the Nikolaev area, the Colonel of police Sergey Sidorenko and interim Management of counteraction of narcocrime GUNP Vladimir Illich.

Пьяные мажоры устроили страшное ДТП в Херсоне, кадры с места: Зайцева ничему не научила

It is known that the tragedy occurred on 8 October, after the collision, “Lexus GX 460 and Toyota Camry”. The causes of the accident are being investigated.

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Earlier we wrote that on 8 October in Rakhiv (Lviv region) has faced the car “Skoda Fabia”, which was operated by 32-year-old resident of Lugansk region and the minibus “Mercedes Sprinter” running 70-year-old local resident.

As a result injured four passengers in the van and passenger cars.

Now there is a consequence of part 1 of article 286 (violation of safety rules of road traffic) criminal code of Ukraine.

We also recall that in Poltava region a cargo Gazelle caught between two trucks.

We will remind, the teenager in a jeep made a hell on the road near Odessa, there are victims

As reported Politeka, in Odessa, the truck ran over the cyclist: the details of the terrible accident, photos

Also Politeka wrote about that accident with the bus cut short dozens of lives, among the victims were children and a pregnant woman.