Drunk conception: scientists have discovered a new danger to the child

Пьяное зачатие: ученые выяснили новую опасность для ребенка

Women should give up bad habits, if they want a healthy baby, otherwise expect problems

Biologists from the Australian University of Queensland in Brisbane conducted experiments on rats to test the effects of alcohol on the growing fetus.

For starters, scientists have raised tens of females. Next, after waiting for the start of the heat, they divided the rodents into two groups. One half of biologists are kept on the normal diet and the second was watered with a solution of alcohol. Four days later, the rats were allowed males and after fertilisation has overseen the development of the fetus.

As a result, researchers have revealed some disturbing results: alcohol slows the formation of blood vessels by 17%, whereby the fetus receives less of the biologically important elements (nutrients).

In addition, observations have shown that even small doses of alcohol taken four days before or after conception, enough. Rats found serious irregularities in the development of the placenta.

Пьяное зачатие: ученые выяснили новую опасность для ребенка

Note, the last time men of science to actively study how the way of life of the mother affects the future of kids. In particular, scientists are exploring has an impact on the child’s diet, mood, and habits of a woman. It also analyzes whether there is a predisposition of the baby to various diseases and problems.

For example, excess weight of the mother could be a precursor to the predisposition to obesity in her children. But the use of alcohol and Smoking in General “breaks” the structure of a protein “wrapper” of their DNA. In addition, bad habits increase the likelihood of miscarriage and sudden infant death in the first years of his life.

“This discovery (the effect of alcohol on the fetus, ed.) explains many known to us laws, including why children whose mothers drank during pregnancy are often born unusually small. Low weight babies, in turn, linked to many other problems such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension, and therefore it is extremely important to understand the causes of its development”, — said Jacinta Kalisz-Smith of the University of Queensland.

Often women give up alcohol after he learned about the pregnancy. However, as it turned out, bad habits affect the development of the embryo. Therefore, to prevent myself from alcohol and cigarettes, and then plan conception.

Recall who and why is strictly forbidden cereals: buckwheat, rice and oatmeal.

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