“Dropout!”Suprun provoked a storm of criticism for controversial changes. “How long will I endure?!”

"Недоучка!"Супрун вызвала шквал критики скандальными изменениями. "Сколько еще будем терпеть?!"

Suprun has told about reforming the system of financing of Ukrainian medical science

In particular, academic institutions can and do disband. Her statements have provoked a barrage of criticism.

“It will not be funding institutions that are doing some sort of “science”. We will look at the proposals themselves,” said Suprun. She also said that the best receive support, to ensure that in 2-3 years the results could be published.

These words of the official was the reason of indignation of physicians. For example, they commented the General Director of the state institution, the heart Institute Boris Todorov on his account on Facebook.

“How much contempt and rudeness in these words in relation to the Ukrainian scientists, who for decades made the country at the international level. The dropout puts us in the example of Lynch! And today is going to disband research institutes. How much more are we going to tolerate this nonsense, colleagues?” – he wrote.

"Недоучка!"Супрун вызвала шквал критики скандальными изменениями. "Сколько еще будем терпеть?!"

The same opinion and public activist Victor Sysoyenko.

“Who does not know – at the Ministry of health is the academic Council, he never was going to and did not convene for the cadence Suprun. The changes in composition and has not brought”, – he stressed.

"Недоучка!"Супрун вызвала шквал критики скандальными изменениями. "Сколько еще будем терпеть?!"

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon commented on the discharge of Uljany Suprun from the Ministry of health. He was a guest of the TV channel “112”. One of the important topics during the broadcast, the recent amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine. The changes cemented the desire of the EU and NATO. Dmitry Gordon criticized the decision of the Verkhovna Rada, adopted on the initiative of the President of Petro Poroshenko. He believes the amendments “show”, organized specifically for the elections in favor of the incumbent. According to the expert, the authorities need to pay more attention to the internal problems of the Ukrainians:

“We need to build their lives, within us. You should at least start to fight corruption, we’re not fighting. Where in the European Union and NATO without a fight against corruption? That is our government and rules.” —

Dmitry Gordon also spoke about the discharge of Uljany Suprun from his post in the Ministry of health. He negatively commented on the activities of officials and reforms which it had to perform.

Recall disclosed the truth about the income Suprun.

As reported Politeka, Ulyana Suprun announced a big innovation for Ukrainian doctors and patients.

Also Politeka wrote that Ulyana Suprun showed it as a valid vaunted healthcare reform, yet she scares Ukrainians threat sandwiches.