Drivers warned about new tricks of scammers on the road: “earn hundreds of thousands”

Водителей предупредили о новых уловках мошенников на дорогах: "зарабатывают сотни тысяч"

On public roads there are often situations when unaided not to manage, but this is what is used by many scammers

You should be careful and wary of mutual support that are ready to provide drivers. Lately, under the guise of drivers in difficult situation, massively walk the crooks who earn on gullible Ukrainians, and hundreds of thousands of hryvnia.

For example, the fraudster approaches the driver and asks to borrow some gas money, because he had the money ran out, and he’s not from here and don’t know anyone to borrow. Many Ukrainian drivers believe such stories and help a grief-the driver, unaware of the fact that he gave the money to the scammer.

Such schemes of fraud has long been developed, places are constantly changing, and drivers are not always able to remember the face of the deceiver. However one such character was identified by network users after the next deception.

Водителей предупредили о новых уловках мошенников на дорогах: "зарабатывают сотни тысяч"

“Four days ago, went to the district from the McDonald’s near Leroy Marlene in the direction of Akademgorodok. I was stopped by an elderly man, said that he was from Vinnitsa, he ran out of petrol, asked for help. I gave him money on 10 gallons of gasoline, is still an old man, the situation may be different. But today passing by Poppy, I saw the same grandfather on the brand with the same story! Do not get fooled, he is an ordinary crook,” — told his story of Vlad Antonov.

But it turned out that this man has long been known among the drivers who immediately recognized:

“And he was three years Kolyada , on the outskirts of poppy Donaldson the first time I saw, too, fell , gave 500 to the registry office, then after two weeks, the Sevastopol was — held a conversation with him that in our area appeared. Is usually with a trailer and fully loaded car is far rides and benzo is over,” commented Dmitri Sinenko.

Водителей предупредили о новых уловках мошенников на дорогах: "зарабатывают сотни тысяч"

Also earlier it was reported that in Kamenskoye, told about the spread of a new type of fraud. Scammers use the phone to make pay a non-existent purchase.

The corresponding messages appeared in the “Typical monay”. So, in all cases come to the phone message supposedly from the Bank, which requested to pay by the specified amount. For reference it was proposed to call the phone number in the SMS.

“Just a neighbor showed an SMS which she received on the phone. According to her, any card transactions made. I told her that it was likely a hoax, you need to check the expense and in the rooms, better not call. In the end, she still called, from the other side of the hard psychological pressure, call your card number, CVV good though didn’t get to say,” told user Anna Sankevich.

Recall, the loss of documents over threats to the guy in the river.

As reported Politeka, phone scammers went after the Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that the bankers figured out how to Rob the Ukrainians, the NBU has discovered the secret loans.