Drivers take note: what kind of things should be in every glove box

The main thing – not to be confused the glove compartment to the trunk.

Водіям на замітку: які речі повинні лежати в кожному бардачку

“Glove box” is slang for the use of which in Soviet times, students from engineering faculty had trouble from the teaching staff. Because the engineer is so to speak should not – should say “the glove box”. But this is beside the point. Besides the glove box still won a landslide victory over academic expression, alas, informs Rus.Media.

It is advisable to carry? The main thing – not to confuse it with the trunk. The glove compartment is clean, if you want – intelligent “compartment” of your car, which is not the place dirty rags, last year’s checks and packages with the crumbs from the chips.

The stick and cable

Disc players are giving way to flash drives – one for music, another audiobook… While in some cases it is better to connect the hard drive directly, but via an adapter – to avoid mechanical damage by careless movement.


Pour in the dark washer, find falling in the darkness of the subject – better to do it with the lights on.

Duct tape

Another universal tool – something to bind, insulate, seal. And even the “bandage” scratched finger.

Universal tool –

Occupies a minimum of space, but if necessary will help to cut something, remove, pull out on the road anything can happen.

Spare glasses

People with bad eye sight will understand. But “seeing” is often used as sunglasses and different kind of “driving” under various driving conditions – fog, rain, etc.

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Disposable tableware

A recent example from my own experience: bought the strawberry Bank road – what it is and not get dirty? A clean pair of spoons razrulil the situation – and the wife is happy, and the driver was treated with a spoon…

The starter – who has

Expensive thing, but if you have it, it is better to keep her in the cabin and in the trunk – just because the cabin should be warmer. And in the cold any starter works barely.

A pen and a notebook

Of course, the recorder in the same cell phone. it’s modern. But let the pen will always be with you – there is little need to quickly record.


Well, it’s a tool of wide application. In any case, if the driver’s hands dirty in the same strawberries or chips, the further drive will quickly turn into a torture. Dirty sticky steering wheel – ugh.

Clean rags

To clean the monitor, which is today in most cars. To clean your eyeglasses. In General, not to be confused with the rags for wiping the plate.


Bagatelas the canister with water, it makes no sense to carry in the trunk, but a small bottle with potable water is better to keep on hand. Including in the glove box – as emergency supply during a long trip.

Car charger for phone

The phone is a modern tool number one. Silly if you will not be able to use it just because it shouldn’t have been discharged.

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