Drilling on Anticosti Island: Arcand tries to calm the

ministre-energie-ressources-naturelles-aussi(Sept-Iles) Minganie “not to worry” the green light given to Anticosti Hydrocarbons to carry out drilling with hydraulic fracturing on Anticosti Island, tried to calm Minister Pierre Arcand, the after the decision has drawn the ire of elected officials and Innu leaders of the region.

“Fracking, it was not until 2017, if it is to take place”, has qualified the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources in Sept-Îles, Friday. “My message is that the population does not have to worry about what happens next, whether to go further, it will be very strict standards,” he said, wanting to be reassuring .

Permits granted

Quebec Wednesday granted the necessary environmental permits for the company, which the State is a partner via Ressources Quebec, can achieve three holes on the island of Mingan, with hydraulic fracturing. Exploratory drilling is planned this summer, while those with fracturing are in 2017.

But it’s too according to the prefect of the MRC Minganie, Luc Noel, who Thursday described in our pages, the government of “deceitful, liar,” that does not respect the choice, yet unanimous, mayors and Innu leaders of the Mid-North Coast to refuse such work on Anticosti island, “a jewel”.

“Politics is not involved. […] This is an administrative decision based on science and on our laws and regulations “, defended Mr. Arcand. “The contract that was signed with the former government is a three fractures but does not commit the government further from that. There is no guarantee of operation in any way. ”

Pierre Arcand also points out that the Prime Minister has “pretty spread” already the issue of exploitation of hydrocarbons on Anticosti Island. Quebec has no plans to meet the elected representatives of the Mingan in the short term on the record. “We’ll see how Quebec Resources intends to manage the situation,” the Minister concluded.

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