“Dress panel”: Anna Semenovich angered subscribers geeky way

According to fans, the outfit was too short and open, and negative impressions added huge heels.

«Наряд для панели»: Анна Семенович возмутила подписчиков вызывающим образом

Put all the best and once going on a vacation, and suddenly you’re lucky, “—said Anna Semenovich, showing photos with friends. Internet users said that, judging by the way the singer is not interested in the rest, and something else. Anna Semenovich advised to learn from friends, who were dressed far less provocatively, against the background of stars looking at all these prudes.

The version that chose the celebrity, according to fans, can approach except that “panel”. Subscribers were outraged by the fact that S. had ceased to keep an eye on how it looks on the publications in the Network. Some fans, however, reacted to the image of a star safely, stressing that all the girls in the photo are very beautiful.

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