Dream interpretation: what does it mean when you dream about an animal

Animal indicates traits of a person from real life.

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Therefore, you should not ignore if you dream you dreamed of certain animals, and just think why these animals you had. Now let’s look at each animal and what it represents, what character traits:

Tskhireti, duplicity. To dream of a cat means that is close to people, which has the same habits as in this animal, informs Rus.Media.

The dog is Loyal and a good friend. Traits of a person that represent the dog in the dream is the loyalty, dedication and support.

The horse: Nobility and independence. The horse is always admired. Also, it can be a good friend to human, so the horse in the dream always says about a good man in your surroundings.

A bull Is a person who has a quick temper. Rage and rudeness, anger, threat – all this is typical of bull. When you dream you see a bull, you should be careful in the coming days and to look better to their surroundings.

The Fox is a Cunning beast. If you had this thing so in the near future in your environment will appear cunning and materialistic people who will hide behind a smile, and they themselves want to deceive you. Be careful and do not trust new acquaintances.

Vedmedycya animal in a dream symbolizes unscrupulous and uneducated person. Bear also tells about physical strength, but without high mental capacity.

Pig this animal is Usually interpreted straight enough. You may in the near future will enclose a pig. In this case also need to be in the coming days more careful when communicating with different people and especially not to trust.

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Leuze powerful man is a leader. Maybe even your boss. In most dreams points to the lion is just not wicked man who occupies a high position.

Rabbits In a dream symbolize love, warmth and care. It also tells about what your life will be something very bright and beautiful. Often lonely people rabbits dream to meet second half. And the animal itself can impersonate a loved one, which will give you all this love and care.

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