“Dreadful woman with two children”: the soloist of “DeAngelo” got into a fight at a wedding, a scandalous video

"Страшная баба с двумя детьми": солистки "НеАнгелов" подрались на свадьбе, скандальное видео

Soloist of the group “Neangely” staged a hot fight at the wedding

Divorced 35-year-old Glory Kaminska from “DeAngelo” really wants to marry again. So that would kill for the opportunity to again be a wife. Moreover, the Glory did not hide his feelings. On the contrary — she shows a video of the wedding of his godfather.

In the frame of the bride throws to the single friends of your bouquet. At a time when a colleague Kaminskaya duet Victoria Smouha tries to catch him, Glory takes her into the fight, snatching the bouquet of “the Most terrible woman is a divorcee with two children! Thank, you, two kids, the best kind of bouquet, let it catch unmarried”, — these words of the users commented on the behaviour of Glory.

Recall that the famous Ukrainian singer, the soloist of the group “Neangely” Victoria Smouha continues to delight followers with new images and videos. The artist decided this time not only to surprise fans bright self, but also puzzled by the change. As you know, not so long ago the star of the Ukrainian group “Neangely” have decided to leave and went to rest in warm countries.

After Victoria Smouha excited the network bright images from the rest the fact that the singer went along with the second soloist of the band Fame Kaminskaya for the concert and after it decided to relax at one of the resort beaches.

And after some time the singer decided to extend your stay. On the page in Instagram, Victoria introduced a lot of colorful frames, thereby washitaw fans.

"Страшная баба с двумя детьми": солистки "НеАнгелов" подрались на свадьбе, скандальное видео

So, this time Victoria boasted a luxurious tan and showed the body in bright red and black bathing suit.

“The tape finally stained in bronze-summer shades! I believe that we all like to go with the effect of sun-kissed skin. And this amazing smell of creams and oils that mixed with the smell of the sea and is in this combination, the most coveted fragrance of the summer. And you love yourself sunburnt,” wrote Smouha under a new post.

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Recall, the soloist of the group “Neangely” showed their perfect shape

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Also Politeka wrote, soloist of the band Neangely Victoria appeared in a very revealing way.