Draw water from the Great Lakes Coderre feared the precedent of Waukesha

coucher-soleil-lac-michiganThe US city of Waukesha has permission to eight Great Lakes states of Governors to draw its drinking water out of the Great Lakes.

Even if Waukesha is 25 kilometers from Lake Michigan, the city is not located in its watershed. A pact signed in 2005 between American and Canadian provinces bordering the Great Lakes, however, limits the use of this water for cities in their watershed.

“Create a precedent and go play in the 20% area of ​​freshwater, we have a problem”, said yesterday the mayor Denis Coderre, who is also president of the Cities of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence .

“When you start to play in the Great Lakes, it goes to the river. We must be extremely careful, because there are many Americans who love our water, “he added.

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