Dr. Komorowski told what to do for insect bites: “I will help only one”

Доктор Комаровский рассказал, что делать при укусах насекомых: «поможет только одно»

Nearing the summer, therefore more active children play in the fresh air and revitalization, in connection with the increase in temperature outside the window, a variety of insects — how to protect yourself said Yevgeny Komarovsky

Pesky insects can badly spoil the whole family – both young members and adults. What do you do to protect yourself from the dangers of insects?

This was told by Dr. Komarovsky on his page in Instagram. The famous Ukrainian pediatrician first noted that the protection should take into account two categories of people, which affect the insects:

“1. Reaction — response to the effects of venom of a particular insect”.⠀

The second category is when a person is allergic:

“There is hypersensitivity to one component of the venom of a particular insect. In the second case, in addition, that is to say, a standard response, there are different degrees of severity of allergic local and General symptoms, sometimes extremely dangerous, up to anaphylactic shock,” says Komarovsky.

Доктор Комаровский рассказал, что делать при укусах насекомых: «поможет только одно»

In the absence of allergies — the situation is quite manageable, says the physician:

“Immediately after the bite, preferably by bitten place to put something cold in the future — anti-allergic ointment, inside — calcium gluconate, anti-allergic (antihistamines)”.

If the bites You have severe swelling, itching — apply hormonal ointments, if it is mosquito bites, so the famous “Fenistil gel” is more than enough. ⠀

In case of Allergy:

“After a bite — cold, then ointment, it is best to use the “Advantan”. When there are common reactions — rash, shortness of breath, syncope/m “Prednisolone” or “Dexamethasone” is 2-3 ml and hurry to the hospital.”

Earlier, famous Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski explained why he does not recommend parents to do inhalation to children.

Pediatrician notes that the inhalation of hot steam is applied, which can be very dangerous for children. Steam inhalation is carried out with the help of a special device – dose inhaler, and the “grandmother” way, using a saucepan with hot water. All of this is a threat for the baby!

Komorowski said that to steam inhalation applies very negative. “I’ve seen in my life such a number of burns and respiratory tract, and serious burns children who are related to the fact that they turned the pot” – said the pediatrician.

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As reported Politeka, with difficult breathing child must go to the doctor Komarovsky.

Also Politeka wrote that Komorowski called that should be in every home, if the parents have the mind.