Dr. Komorowski has debunked the popular myth that every parent should know

Доктор Комаровский развенчал популярный миф: это должен знать каждый родитель

The pediatrician Eugene Komorowski has debunked the myth of disinfection tableware

So, many parents worry about the health of her baby and particularly seriously concerned about the sterility of everything that falls into hands to him. Especially, it concerns children’s dishes. Because it is in the body to the child can get a large number of dangerous microorganisms. To avoid this, many parents carefully disinfect all the utensils. But the doctor Komarovsky decided to debunk this myth and tell you when you need it to do and when not to.

Доктор Комаровский развенчал популярный миф: это должен знать каждый родитель

Komorowski noted that the disinfection of tableware required only when prescribed by a doctor. This may be due to the characteristics of the child or occurrence of the disease. In order not to aggravate the health of the baby and faster to cope with the disease the strictest disinfection can indeed be sorely needed. In this case it is mandatory, when a child is diagnosed diseases of the intestine, when a baby is premature or he has HIV. Then all that enters the mouth to the baby should be disinfected. If the child is healthy and has no medical recommendations regarding this issue, then this can be waived.

Komorowski also shared the most effective methods of disinfection of children’s dishes:

  1. Use of washing machines. Despite the fact that high temperature drying. He called this method the easiest and most effective.
  2. Boiling. It is the most affordable method.
  3. Use special sterilizers.

Доктор Комаровский развенчал популярный миф: это должен знать каждый родитель

The doctor again emphasized that the child with normal immune systems disinfection of tableware is not needed. It can only harm.

Recall that Komorowski told how to cure the common cold in children: “It can be very dangerous.”

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