Dr. Komorowski criticized the popular drugs: “in fact…”

Доктор Комаровский раскритиковал популярные лекарства: "на самом деле..."

Some pediatricians advise to apply oxolinic ointment under the nostrils in the period of rampant viral diseases, however, Dr. Komarovskiy does not consider such treatment an effective

In Ukraine, the drug became particularly popular during the outbreak of “swine” flu. The pediatrician believes that the effectiveness of this ointment is not proven, so ironically calls her “fuflomitsin”, he writes RBC-Ukraine, said in Instagram.

Oxolinic ointment used already more than half a century, but no research has confirmed its benefits. The doctor also added that the person starts to breathe through the mouth when this drug is buttering the nose, while on the contrary it “opens the way” to viruses.

According to the expert, popular medicine, moisturizes nose, but with this task perfectly well salt solutions. The pediatrician emphasized that the optimum moisture content and the temperature in the house are the most effective in the fight against flu and SARS.

Доктор Комаровский раскритиковал популярные лекарства: "на самом деле..."

Earlier it was reported that Komorowski has debunked the main myth about sleep. Famous Ukrainian pediatrician told about children’s sleep, what procedures need to the child before he can go into the realm of Morpheus and what time to put baby.

Komorowski noted that parents should observe a sleep schedule of his child. Children’s doctor claims that before the child falls asleep, it does not interfere with light gymnastics and massage. According to the doctor, parents should atone for the smallest member of the family to feed. And only after this you can all together go on the side.

In Ukraine it is believed that the ideal time for laying the child is 9 or 10 PM. However, Komorowski refutes this assertion. Pediatrician says that’s not true, myths are not backed by medical facts.

Доктор Комаровский раскритиковал популярные лекарства: "на самом деле..."

The pediatrician makes a truly sensational: “it is Useful to put the baby when it is convenient for parents.” He adds that if the father and mother, the work is necessary, for example to 10 o’clock in the morning, nothing terrible will happen if the whole family is together to go to sleep after midnight.

Komarovsky insists that the baby since its birth have to live with the interests of the family, and its mode must match the mode of the interests of the family.

“The right time baby night sleep is the time when most comfortable and convenient sleep for mom and dad”, – said Yevgeny Komarovsky.

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We will remind, Komorowski said on the popular medical debate: “delete or not”.

As reported Politeka, the child can eat unwashed fruit if they grow away from the road — Dr. Komarovsky.

Also Politeka writes that Komorowski spoke about the disease of dirty hands: there is no cure.

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Question: ⠀ Use oxoline and interferon – a 100% cure runny nose? Or is there some kind of medicine? ⠀ Answer: ⠀ really oxolinic ointment and interferon in the nose belong to the antiviral remedies with unproven efficacy. That is, they can be used in viral rhinitis, colds of viral origin, but again: from the point of view of modern evidence-based medicine, the use of drops and interferon, oxolinic ointment and refer to the methods of treatment with unproven efficacy. Therefore, it is not something I am willing to recommend. ⠀ #dottormaracci #videoak #SDK #scolecotrichum #interferon #oksolinovuyu #nasmorka

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