Dr. Komorowski called dangerous mistake of many parents: “don’t force”

Доктор Комаровский назвал опасную ошибку многих родителей: "не заставляйте"

The pediatrician, the well-known Dr. Komarovsky told how to be parents if their child is left-handed

The expert notes that you should not do early conclusions that the child is left — handed. We can talk about it only when the child has reached 4-5 years of age.

“You think that kid left-handed? You see that the baby often gives you precisely the left hand, often pick up objects with the left hand what you gave in your right hand shifts to the left…
First of all you should clearly understand that at this age, any diagnosis of left-handedness cannot be considered. It is known that from 4 months to 2 years for most children, changing several times more active hand, i.e. no patterns here,” — said Komorowski.

Доктор Комаровский назвал опасную ошибку многих родителей: "не заставляйте"

In any case, left-handedness is not the reason for the experience, says the doctor.

“To the vices is not the case, a fundamental influence on the ability, growth, development, love, career and family happiness has not. Not having under one condition: if you are trying to deal with it, not forced to take a spoon or pencil just right and do not fuss unnecessarily,” concluded Komorowski.

On the eve of Komarovskiy answered questions from parents about whether a child with a contagious molluscum use of the pool and whether it is contagious to other children.

Доктор Комаровский назвал опасную ошибку многих родителей: "не заставляйте"

Well-known pediatrician, told the network that represents the disease and how to treat it in the network:

“Contagious mollusk is a viral infection of the skin, the symptoms of which is difficult to confuse with anything else. And found similar infection quite often — at least 10% of children.”

It turns out to cure the infection is almost impossible:

“There are some expensive ointments, sometimes they are used, however, contagious mollusk — prognostically very favorable infection. The body within 1-2 years develops immunity and the pimples themselves disappear,” says Dr. Komarovsky.

Eugene Komorowski also said that the additional treatment of such infection requires:

“About the infectivity in the pool — single answer science is not. Infection is theoretically possible, but research does not confirm such a possibility”.

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