Dr. Komarovsky warned Ukrainians about the threat of serious: “Never let the children…”

Доктор Комаровский предупредил украинцев о серьезной угрозе: "Никогда не позволяйте детям..."

The famous Ukrainian pediatrician Dr. Komorowski advised parents not to allow children to play “neigrushki”

Eugene Komorowski announced this on his page in social network Instagram.

Pediatrician wrote that in the XXI century the number and variety of children’s toys can not but rejoice. They are for every taste and purse, for all ages, for home and for street, for land and for water, length of games, individual and group.

Доктор Комаровский предупредил украинцев о серьезной угрозе: "Никогда не позволяйте детям..."

Also takes into account the orientation of the toy for a certain age and certification in strict accordance with age. Dr. Komorowski stressed that it is very important.⠀

“It is clear that the child first year of life, any toy will drag in the mouth, it is clear that nothing should break, to stab, to cut, to be swallowed, etc. I don’t even fix the attention on the fact that, by purchasing any toy, you should make sure of its safety and compliance the age of your child — it seems obvious.

However, I strongly beg you: never allow children to play with neigrushki. Never. Even a little bit. And mobile phone, and remote control TV, and the belt from dad’s pants, and my mother’s comb, and dozens nigrosine — all of this should not get the child in hand, and certainly the child should not remain with it all alone.” — wrote under his new publication Dr. Komarovsky.

Recall that Dr. Komorowski gave the answer to almost all parents question.

Доктор Комаровский предупредил украинцев о серьезной угрозе: "Никогда не позволяйте детям..."

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Eugene Komorowski announced which products do not give to children under 3 years. About this famous Ukrainian doctor Eugene Komorowski said on his page in Instagram:

“Do not let children under 3 years of untreated fruit and fruit with pits (cherries, cherry, plum, etc.). Don’t feed the lying of children who already know how to sit,” he warned.

Komarovsky insists with extreme caution to children under 4 years need to give nuts, sunflower seeds, hard fruits and vegetables (Apple, carrot); popcorn; candy and toffee.

Next to the baby should not be small items, also noted doctor:

“…The small things that he can take in his mouth. In addition, in any case not to give babies up to 5 years toys with detachable small parts and store small household items”.

Recall of the dangerous virus decimated the country: “from the beginning of the year 800 deaths”

As reported Politeka, measles began to go into a coma Ukrainians: “not vaccinated”.

Also Politeka wrote that Komarovsky discovers the truth about vaccination against measles in developed countries.