Dr. Komarovsky stunned by insights about vitamins: “actually…”

Доктор Комаровский ошеломил выводами о витаминах: "На самом деле..."

Eugene Komorowski told in detail about vitamins for kids

Dr. Komarovsky explained to the parents a question about the use of multivitamins, writes Рoliteka.

According to the doctor, you need to clearly understand the position of the world health organization. In particular, if parents cannot provide children with adequate and varied diet, then you need to buy vitamins. (To see the video, dockrillia to the end of the page)

The doctor says if mom and dad are buying quality products, provide their children with vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, cereals and dairy, then you should not even think about buying vitamins.

Доктор Комаровский ошеломил выводами о витаминах: "На самом деле..."

We will remind, Komorowski said that the cough should not be a contraindication to walking. On the contrary, in such cases, you should go for a walk and be in the fresh air as long as possible.

As noted by the doctor when the child begins to cough after a walk, this suggests that in the bronchi accumulated dry mucus.

The child coughs in the street — a sign that he had the ability to clear the airway.

Earlier we wrote that the alternative medicine homeopathy is a very controversial issue. One of the leading homeopaths of Ukraine Victor Marchuk said that
Whether so it actually and would risk a homeopath to give their children such drugs.

Homeopathy is a method of treatment of complications after chemotherapy and radiotherapy. According to Marchuka, homeopathic remedies can even improve the immune system of a person diagnosed with cancer.

Доктор Комаровский ошеломил выводами о витаминах: "На самом деле..."

Earlier we wrote that Komarovsky often publishes useful informative post for young parents. So recently the doctor told me about the best drink for the patient of SARS. It turns out that the kid over one and a half years is a compote of dried fruits, and children under it is better to give prepared solutions, called “funds for oral rehydration”.

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Earlier it was reported that Eugene Komorowski said, what is the impact on children of non-Smoking adults. In particular, children with regular contact with tobacco smoke greatly increased risk of infectious diseases, and complications of acute respiratory viral infections. In addition, Smoking greatly increases the risk of sudden infant death.

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A huge number of questions: whether it is necessary to give a child a multivitamin? ⠀ In reality, we all must clearly understand the position of the world health organization, which States: “Prefer a full and varied diet intake of complex vitamins.” From here and the main question: can you provide children with adequate and varied diet? In this meal consisted of vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, and cereals, and milk quality, that’s all this is possible? Then there is no problem. Typically, a multivitamin is needed when we have problems to buy quality food. ⠀ #dottormaracci #videoak #multivitamins #vitamins #health #nutrition

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We will remind, Komorowski spoke about the futility of popular drugs

As reported Politeka, Komorowski said, as to bring the temperature down with helplessness medications

Also Politeka wrote that Komorowski told how the Ukrainians are deceived by the advertising of medicines