Dr. Komarovsky discovers the truth about batteries “deadly threat”

Доктор Комаровский раскрыл правду о батарейках: "смертельно опасны"

Dr. Komorowski spoke about the unexpected danger of the thing, which is in any house

So, on his page in social network Instagram Eugene Komorowski has shared information about the danger to children lies with ordinary batteries.

Доктор Комаровский раскрыл правду о батарейках: "смертельно опасны"

In today’s world people are surrounded by a variety of devices that run on batteries. These include the TV remote, different appliances, even children’s toys.

Dr. Komorowski warns that the main danger to children from batteries in that they can easily swallow. Children can put the battery in the nose or ear that may not immediately notice the adults.

The most dangerous kids are the small flat batteries (e.g., in a wristwatch). They Shine, they attract the child’s attention, and they are easy to swallow.

Dr. Komarovsky reported that the best way to protect their children from such unpleasant situations is to constantly check the toys on the subject of reliable, secure fixing in them batteries.

Доктор Комаровский раскрыл правду о батарейках: "смертельно опасны"

Separate risk are the batteries in the TV remotes and other household appliances, as is often popping up of them. To prevent this possible, wearing the remote primatv case or cover with tape.

“Never leave the batteries accessible to children, regularly check their presence, remember that they represent a mortal danger for the child!”- written in the publication Dr. Eugene Komarovsky.

To children’s wellbeing and safety of the environment used batteries disposed of in a special way and must surrender to the relevant collection points.

As previously reported, Dr. Komorowski told about how not to catch a dangerous infection in the first place at risk children.

Summer is in full swing, school holidays – appropriate – entertainment, trips and pampering in nature. In This context, the Komarovsky answered questions from parents about whether a child with a contagious molluscum use of the pool and whether it is contagious to other children.

“Contagious mollusk is a viral infection of the skin, the symptoms of which is difficult to confuse with anything else. And found similar infection quite often — at least 10% of children.”

It turns out to cure the infection is almost impossible:

“There are some expensive ointments, sometimes they are used, however, contagious mollusk — prognostically very favorable infection. The body within 1-2 years develops immunity and the pimples themselves disappear,” says Dr. Komarovsky.

Recall of the dangerous virus decimated the country: “from the beginning of the year 800 deaths”

As reported Politeka, measles began to go into a coma Ukrainians: “not vaccinated”.

Also Politeka wrote that Komarovsky discovers the truth about vaccination against measles in developed countries.