Dozens of corpses in the Black sea, it became known about the crash: “save fail”

Десятки трупов в Черном море, стало известно о катастрофе: "спасти не получится"

The black sea is on the brink of disaster, the Ukrainians have reported a big problem

In 2016 Ukraine with the Council of Europe and European countries began the project, EMBLAS Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea analysis of the ecological state of the Black sea.

The aim of the project is to identify and study the main threats to the ecological safety of the sea, and then to develop a plan for his rescue, reports the website of the Duma.

It is known that the Black sea because of its closeness and distance from the ocean, and also due to uncontrolled discharges remains one of the most polluted.

Десятки трупов в Черном море, стало известно о катастрофе: "спасти не получится"

Ukrainian scientists jointly with Georgian and European colleagues to find out what is in the water space.

For three years scientists have come a long way and spent a lot of research.

Very important for Ukrainians the question of who pollutes our sea and how safe it is to swim in the greater Odessa area.

Marine debris a lot, its density on the surface at 90.5 units per square kilometer, this figure is higher than the Mediterranean, before it was thought that it is the most polluted in Europe, his record is 52 units per square kilometer.

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Most of the garbage is plastic 83%, bring it to the river. Garbage on the beaches is also important — from 2% of straws and cotton swabs to 18% of cigarette butts. As well as other hazardous wastes, including various chemicals.

Victor Comorin, Director of the Ukrainian scientific center of ecology of sea, said that over the past 20 years the hydrogen sulfide layer has risen to 20-25 meters is a very disturbing trend.

Десятки трупов в Черном море, стало известно о катастрофе: "спасти не получится"

It is known that Black sea is the largest anoxic waters in the world. Hydrogen sulfide is a dangerous death of some marine life, particularly fish and dolphins. But despite this, scientists have been able to find in the anoxic layer at depths of 90-160 m (occupies 87% of the total water space) archaea Lokiarchaeota — one of the domains of nature, along with bacteria and eukaryotes. This suggests that this area is not a desert, but also a “flowering garden”, similar to the anoxic biosphere of the planet or of the young Earth.

And yet in the end, the Slovak Jaroslav Slobodnik, which is one of the experts of the project EMBLAS-II and EMBLAS Plus, said that the Black sea back to life. The researcher noted that two years ago was of a different opinion. Now in the sea there are some animals and plants, as well as a noticeable new species.

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