Dozens of corpses dumped on a popular beach, tourists in horror: a video of the disaster

Десятки трупов выбросило на популярный пляж, туристы в ужасе: видео катастрофы

A terrible accident happened in the UK: hundreds of corpses washed up on the shore

About hundreds of dead sharks washed up in the Welsh town of Barry Port in the UK. About it reported the edition Media Wales.

Eyewitness posted a video on his page in Facebook. According to her, on the shore were about a hundred dead fish.

“What a sad sight. At some point I stopped counting them, since each new wave brought more and more corpses” — signed its video woman.

The representative of the society for the protection of marine fauna suggested that the footage captured the European Cunha shark. According to him, this species is most common in coastal waters of Wales.

Most found marine predators was not the fins. As the newspaper notes, the poachers often catch sharks, cut off them fins and let it go. The result is wounded predators can’t swim, why go to the bottom and become food for other fish.

Later, the fins used for making shark soups or sell in the Chinese market, where they make healthcare products. Every year as a result of such action die to one hundred million sharks.

Десятки трупов выбросило на популярный пляж, туристы в ужасе: видео катастрофы

Earlier it was reported that a terrible discovery found the tourists on 7 April on the shore of the resort of Protaras in Cyprus. There the waves washed the bodies of cows and giant tortoises.

Resting calmly walking along the coast in the Bay of Pernera, when I saw a horrifying picture. First, they noticed a bloated corpse of a large cow, and then on the coast found the bodies of two of her brothers, as well as the carcass of a giant sea turtle.

To a scene there arrived police officers and local municipal services, which started cleaning the beach. According to the staff of the veterinary service, the animal could fall off the ship on which they were transported. Experts note that such an emergency occur at sea quite often. In this case, while it remains a mystery how the company three cows got a giant turtle.

We will remind, in the Crimea a disaster, all littered with corpses: “Nasr*be on the local population.”

As reported Politeka, a savage beast devoured tourists directly on the beach, it’s 11 victims.

Also Politeka wrote that terrible incident occurred on a cruise ship: “1,300 people pray for salvation.”