Double Putin brought clean water to: “the published evidence that concealed years”

Двойника Путина вывели на чистую воду: "обнародованы доказательства, которые скрывали годами"

For many years there were rumours that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin replaces a double, the clue to this mystery decided to take a real expert

About twins Putin found known astropsychology Valentine Wittrock. The expert told how to notice the difference in the appearance of “clones” and explained how they differ from the “original”

She noted that the fact of having “clones of Putin” is obvious. The expert explained that externally they differed not only from the original, but from each other, and this can be seen if you look closely

“Say, the hands of one of the twins — Buryat by nationality — his fingers thick like sausages… Look at the location and shape of wrinkles, the lobes of the ears that all people are different, like fingerprints,” — says the expert.

Двойника Путина вывели на чистую воду: "обнародованы доказательства, которые скрывали годами"

She also insists that another strong proof of the theory about the twins can be considered a dramatic change in the style of Vladimir Putin, the supposed “bad Putin replaced the good Putin.”

“Previous Putin very wisely led the business has established good relations with Europe and with America, demonstrating the wonders of diplomacy, lobbying the interests of Russia at all levels. What Putin is doing today? To spoil relations with all with whom only it is possible, interfere in the internal Affairs of other countries, threatens the existing and non-existent weapons — in General, behaves like a bull in a China shop. Between these two men have little in common” — sure Wittrock.

Двойника Путина вывели на чистую воду: "обнародованы доказательства, которые скрывали годами"

Also earlier it was reported that the Internet ridiculed Russian President Vladimir Putin for his plan, which will be enough for his “clones”. This was reported by the political analyst Alexei holomuzki on your public Telegram.

“Well, that’s right. While one Putin is coming from Beijing, the second is in the Church, and the third thumps with Lavrov. The main thing – do not confuse them”, he said.

Note that golobutsky also posted a screenshot of the post Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Smirnov. The incident caused caustic comments from the users.

“no it won’t start”, “photographer shot”, “he’s not fasting!”, “even if he can fly – the plane is broken”, “needs time to policement”, “you are the first to be baptized correctly teach. And it will be like last time,” they write.

We will remind, Putin has simplified obtaining Russian citizenship to residents of the “L/DNR”.

As reported Politeka, Tsymbalyuk has revealed real plans of Putin Zelensky.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky responded harshly to Putin to issue Russian passports.