Dose of saturated fat in the diet should not exceed 7%

Доза насыщенного жира в рационе не должна превышать 7%

The war between the experts in the field of nutrition and dairy industry is very long and mercilessly

It is reported by the Clutch.

Each side tries to prove their case in different ways. Recently, the American heart Association put forward the theory, how many people can eat saturated fat from dairy products and meat without harming their health.

Доза насыщенного жира в рационе не должна превышать 7%

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Scientists split into two camps: some say that saturated fats are very harmful to health, while others support the dairy industry and recommend that people to drink milk, eat cottage cheese and butter. Even the publication of a Time on one of their covers posted a photo of a delicious piece of butter, supposedly not alluding to the fact that consumers buy this product from losing popularity of the dairy industry.

Доза насыщенного жира в рационе не должна превышать 7%

Heart is really suffering from the saturated fat in meat and dairy products. Nutritionists are encouraged to limit the consumption of foods from these categories to maintain their health. The optimum percentage of saturated fat from the daily calories should be no more than 7%. Only in this case, the nutrient will not have such a devastating effect on the human body. We should not forget about the presence of TRANS fats in the same foods, their intake should not be more than 5-6% per day. Two servings of butter a day just to fit into these boundaries. That is, eating a Breakfast of two small sandwich with butter, you can fully close the daily permitted limit of fats.

Доза насыщенного жира в рационе не должна превышать 7%

Thus, it turns out that 90% of our diet should be “clean” from saturated fat.

In addition, fatty foods much better, another reason to reduce the dose in the diet.

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Recently also, there was a list of products that should be stored in the refrigerator. There to be butter. It will be much tastier if you leave it somewhere in a cool place in a special container with a closed lid. Only if the hot weather, the butter should be put in the refrigerator, so that it melted.

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