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In the middle of the week, both clubs held their starting matches in European competition. “Borussia” and “Cologne” stayed in London and lost their fights with the same score. Who left more strength for the confrontation in the Bundesliga? – Site forecast for the Bundesliga match.
Tournament: Germany. Bundesliga. The 4th round.
Venue: “Signal of Iduna Park”, (Dortmund)
Date of match: September 17, 2017
Football. Germany. Borussia Dortmund – Köln.

Start Dortmunds succeeded. For three matches of the new season, the Dutch team Peter Bos was able to score seven points, and more surprisingly, until she missed. Successful for the “bumblebee” was the departure to “Wolfsburg” (3: 0) and home game with “Herta” (2-0), a goalless draw came to a guest visit to “Freiburg”, although the advantage of Dortmund was significant. But to support the leap in the Champions League failed – on the road with Tottenham Hotspur (1: 3), the game was not given much, and the goalkeeper Birki missed two simple goals.

” Köln”
“Goats” at the start of the season are not encouraging. Having lost the leader of the attacks of the last championship – the Frenchman Modest, who went to China, Peter Shtoger’s team is completely unrecognizable. As a result – the last place in the table after three rounds, zero points and goal difference 1: 7. To beat “Cologne” already had time, “Hamburg”, Globbach’s “Borussia” and “Augsburg”. And in the European League added and London’s “Arsenal” – the Kelnians stood only one half, when they could score. After the opponent added, hit the gate three times and won a deserved victory

Statistics and personal meetings
“Borussia” can not beat “Cologne” six games in a row.

“Cologne” for four official matches of the season missed 10 goals.

“Borussia” in the championship so far did not miss.

Of course, games in European competition were not easy, but both clubs played, besides Cologne – a day later. The defense of the “Cologne” raises a huge number of questions, and the attack is completely sinking after the loss of Modest. In our opinion, there is no chance for “Signal Iduna” from the team of Shtoger at this time, the Dortmund added significantly in the defense and for certain sure victory they will interrupt the unsuccessful series against the “goats”.

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