Dorofeeva showed how actually spent time on vacation: “we Go to look for prostitutes!”

Дорофеева показала, как на самом деле провела время в отпуске: "Едем смотреть на проституток!"

The soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva “dumped” in the new photo, which is presented to everyone, the spicy way

This time on his page in social network Instagram star has published an unusual picture in which she poses not in the usual brash and even “rebellious” image”, and the delightful and intriguing.

As you know, Nadia Dorofeeva very often shares with fans not only photos and videos from concerts, but also actively shows his special video vlogs. Each special edition star wanted by many fans, because they want to see how their favorite time out of their cells and through the screen to join her life and interests.

In the new issue of DoDo Vlog, the actress shared exclusive footage from his trip to Amsterdam and Paris. The movie star presented on a personal YouTube channel. At the end of last month, Nadia went with her husband to the Netherlands, where he celebrated his birthday. But after the actress had a photo session in Amsterdam. However, later Nadia was touched by the fans touching photos from Paris: Dorofeeva visited the Royal Palace, walked around the city and took a ride on the scooter near the arc de Triomphe.

In a new vlog, the girl was reminded that walking around the city of love together with fellow Potap and Nastya Kamensky, who also visited the French capital, and athlete Liliya Podkopaeva, which arrived in France with my beloved man. Stellar company in honor of his visit, even made a picture together in front of the Eiffel tower.

Дорофеева показала, как на самом деле провела время в отпуске: "Едем смотреть на проституток!"

Earlier, we also wrote that the fans amazed to see a star spouses Nadia Dorofeeva and Vladimir Dantes.

Despite his busy schedules and sometimes long separations, they remain one of the strongest pairs of the Ukrainian show-business. Most likely, the reason lies in true love and full trust to each other. However, despite the idyllic relationship of the star couple, it is not without conflict. In the “see the Interviewer” Dantes openly talked about how he Dorofeeva co-exist and how to build relationships.

“Jealousy is no maximum. Through our relationship, our love, no, I have not glued, no one wants me to discourage Nadia Dorofeeva. It is clear that Nadia write, even send pictures of an intimate nature. But as the other girls, she did not give no car, no apartment. Once she had wanted to give the iPhone. I immediately called and told. It’s a one-man innocence,” — said Dantes.

Dantes revealed the secret of their relationship: like all others, they fight, however, found a way to put up the easy way:

“Arguing with Nadia. It is very hard. Now just talking. Before went to the bathroom, shouting, screaming, breaking dishes, slamming doors. Now — normal, appropriate conversation, stated that people are not satisfied, paused, had sex and made up,” reveals the details of his personal life showman.

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As reported Politeka, Dorofeeva surprised in a new way

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